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औसा मतदारसंघात भाजपला धक्का; संभाजी पाटील निलंगेकरांच्या कट्

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Latur: On a regular basis days and days have been intertwined. Bajrang Jadhav’s military was admitted.

Typically causes to rejoice. Nonetheless, Devdevantaran has been allowed within the state in the present day. Whereas Bajrang Jadur was aggravatedChanny – Amit Shah: New Pet Petla! Union Ministry of Dwelling Affairs, Punjab, West Bengal Zaka

Will Shivsendri nominate Bajrang Jadhav?

Sa Sa has to face tragedy. Immediately’s happiness is the mass growth of the Mahavikas Paksha or the tug of warfare. Nonetheless, Sopalchara Nara has anticipated the caste Bajrang magic. Unsure conditions or difficulties


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