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कपिल पाटलांमुळं माझा जीव वाचला; भुजबळांनी सांगितला ‘तो’ कठीण

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  • Jalbhovan OBC Rights Council Bhuj Govt
  • Issues of OBCs goal Modi authorities
  • Bhavuk within the battle of Bhuj telling the case throughout Turungat

Water Yoga: BJP and state foodgrains and client safety Chhagan Bhuj (NCP chief Chhagan Bhujbal) has as soon as once more criticized the Modi authorities. Tasanchal Bhujdwar talking at OBC Haq Parishad organized at Jaljivan Chhatrapati Sambhaji Raje Natyagriha

Kapil Patel I’m despatched to jail. Exterior when Kalam has Bhuj Sirius he orders this Kapil Patel and says what are you doing? What do you give to Bhuj? That was the query of Kapil PatlaloKailash Patil: Khadsen’s account damage!

What did the Modi authorities say throughout the havball?

“The success of OBC,” he stated, including that the phenomenon of saver revenge was at present going down within the nation. Beware of continually talking, ‘Inconceivable Chhagan Bhuj protests. Nice job of accumulating 1000’s of species a day. You’ll not run to your rights. Manoman can also be a enjoyable date.

‘That opium capsule is the results of all the things’

Talking to Bhuj, OBC Haq Parishad stated, “The nation has been named. Congregation maternity when out. OBCOs particularly should face punishment. The federal government Supreme Court docket will as soon as once more come to your facet for the success of OBC. Chhagan Bhuj, Kurdi is not going to lose the facility of reference to you. The poor must face struggles at first, not wrestle, ‘the viewers assured him.

कपिल पाटलांमुळं माझा जीव वाचला; भुजबळांनी सांगितला 'तो' कठीणGive OBC’s Imperial Information Severe allegation of Bhuj improvement

What Kapil Patel stated to do Bhuj agitation

‘Chhagan Bhuj went to the assembly with Jivavar Udar for the assembly of this Mandal. The query of fixed OBCs got here up, OBC woke up others. Parliament’s info obscenity query. If Maharashtra’s OBC motion is to outlive, Chhagan Bhuj’s energy must be strengthened, “stated Kapil Dilit. He stated that the structure offers reservations to the Takkians. Babasaheb Ambedkar has clarified. Purification All disadvantaged deprivation OBC, Dalit, pale tribals criticized the central authorities’s opposition. His mega improvement fulfills the federal government’s OBC hopes, the unlikely criticism is famous.

In the meantime, Jalgaon OBC rights holder, slave lover, public Dr. Anand Ramhari Rupanwar, Dr. a. G. Bhangale, All India Islam OBC President, Shabbir Ansari, Separate Ravindra Patel, Samata Divisional President Kabak, Santosh Chaudhary, Jesh Ganeshwar Mahajan, Furakh Sheikh, Kamil Saral, Pankaj Mahajan, Vishnu Bhangal, Ashok, Satish Mahajan, Amag, Santosh Patel, Narayan Wagh, Sanjay Mahajan, Sanjay had get together questions.


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