5 Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Our Indian Curries

Indian delicacies is dynamic; with unending recipes from other areas providing other flavours, our menu is a handful. You will to find other meals in several states of the rustic however something this is omnipresent in each kitchen is – curry. Vegetarian curry or meat curry – each Indian family has some roughly curry on their dinner desk for lunch or dinner. The highest Indian curry has the proper proportions of gravy, vegetable/meat, spices and different flavouring brokers. While making an Indian-style curry isn’t a troublesome process, many people nonetheless can not ace it, even after a couple of trials. Reason: some errors that we’re ignorant of and stay repeating. 

So, right here we’re that can assist you hone your cooking talents by way of throwing mild on one of the most maximum not unusual errors that may wreck an Indian curry. Are you making those too? 

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5 Common Mistakes You Might Be Making While Making Indian Curry 

1. Not Following The Correct Order 

There’s a reason all excellent cooks observe a recipe to the T. The order during which you place within the components makes a large number of distinction, So, if you’re simply dashing into the cooking procedure and throwing all of the components randomly, prevent now. Always warmth the oil first prior to sauteng entire spices, and handiest after the spices are roasted, put different components like onions and tomatoes. Also, do not upload within the spice powders till after the onions are roasted neatly. Follow the universally-approved order of constructing gravy, and you’ll be able to be stunned with the end result. 

Always observe the right kind order of the cooking procedure.

2. Not Thickening The Gravy 

Ever questioned why the curries of the eating places and dhabas style so excellent? Have you ever spotted that their gravies are at all times dense and thick? There lies your resolution. Always be sure you chop your onions and tomatoes finely into slices or chunks; this will likely lend a hand thicken your gravy and provides it intensity.  

3. Going Wrong With The Salt 

Even skilled chefs could make this blunder. Putting an excessive amount of or too little salt is a not unusual mistake. Genius lies in the best way you repair the issue. Don’t upload an excessive amount of water when you are feeling you might have added further salt. This takes away the flavours of the opposite components and spices too. Instead, go for quick-fix answers like including peeled potatoes that may soak within the over the top salt. 

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4. Not Smelling Or Tasting During The Process 

We aren’t insinuating that you’re not a excellent cook dinner if you must again and again style and scent your meals whilst it is cooking. If you ask us, even excellent chefs do that to make sure that they serve the very best meals at the desk. And that is what makes their cooking highest. 


Keep tasting meals whilst it’s cooking.

5. Rushing Up The Cooking Process 

We agree that everybody is strapped for time at the present time however that mustn’t are available the best way of consuming a excellent meal. It takes persistence and precision to churn out a scrumptious meal. So, let the ones onions and tomatoes, or even spices, roast correctly to allow them to emanate their gorgeous flavours and perfume to your meals.  

Treat your self and your circle of relatives to a memorable Indian meal, each unmarried time. Stop making those errors and we’re positive you’ll be able to be pleased with the curries you’re making.  

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