5 Indian Home-Grown Vodka Brands That Are Worth A Shot

 India has one of the most greatest client markets for vodka. The transparent distilled alcoholic beverage reveals many takers as a result of its impartial style that makes for a excellent drink with none blending and in addition melds neatly with chasers and different flavourings. It can simply as simply be had at the rocks as it may be formed right into a buzzy, refreshing cocktail. Vodka is historically made with fermented cereal grains and potatoes. But it’s also being experimented with culmination and nuts in this day and age. While the beverage’s beginning will also be traced again to Poland, Russia and Sweden, many different nations are grabbing the manufacturing alternatives, together with India. 

With the ‘Make In India’ initiative gaining momentum, we considered curating a listing of one of the home-grown vodka manufacturers that you just all can provide a check out. 

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5 Indian Vodka Brands That Are Worth Trying: 

1. Rahasya 
Ever puzzled what India in a bottle would style like? Enter Rahasya, (pronounced Ra-hus-ya), a top rate craft vodka impressed through the mysticism and folklore of India. Meaning ‘thriller’ or ‘secret’ in Sanskrit, Rahasya was once conceived so that you can create a in moderation researched product from India for the sector. Launched through Varna Bhat of Blisswater Industries Private Limited, Rahasya is Goa-based craft vodka that captures the essence of India within the truest sense. Crisp notes with a refreshing aftertaste, this vodka is easiest loved simple and easy on ice, making it an especially delightful and palatable white spirit. 

Rahasya is a Goa-based vodka logo.

2. Smoke Vodka  

Another notable vodka this is crafted and bottled in India is Smoke Lab Vodka. Its specialty lies in the truth that it’s made with Indian Basmati rice! It is charcoal-filtered and undergoes a 5-step distillation procedure to supply vintage and fennel-flavoured Smoke Vodka Aniseed. It was once the brainchild of Varun Jain, Director of NV Group, who sought after their vodka to enchantment to the city younger technology. With a sublime, modern-look bottle, it no doubt does.  


Smoke Vodka appeals to the younger technology.

3. White Mischief 

This vodka changed into fashionable as a result of its affiliation with the cheerleaders of IPL. Under the aegis of United Breweries Group, White Mischief has reportedly received an enormous marketplace proportion of 46%, which makes it the biggest promoting vodka in India. What in point of fact makes it click on with the younger shoppers is its more than a few variants, together with Strawberry+Ginseng, Mango+Mint and Green Apple+Cinnamon. 

4. Magic Moments 

This vodka from Radico Khaitan has been out there for rather a while now and nonetheless stays a favorite of many. It is constructed from top quality grains and distilled 3 times to present it a easy end. The beverage has 40% alcohol content material however could be very gratifying at the palate. 

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Magic Moments is an outdated Indian vodka logo.

5. Romanov 

This vodka is pegged as an reasonably priced drink for the hundreds. It is manufactured through United Spirits, which is a subsidiary of United Breweries Group. The title ‘Romanov’ comes from the Russian Romanov dynasty that was once in rule for hundreds of years until the 1900s. The vodka has a pointy word with underlying hints of spiciness. So, for many who like their drink with a powerful aftertaste, this vodka is a great possibility. 

Which any such vodka manufacturers you might have attempted and preferred? Share within the feedback segment underneath. 

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