What is 5G? How will this make your life easier? best 5g mobile

What is 5G & speed?

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5th generation speed ie 5G. Internet speed on this network is many times faster than 4G. The technology that is being used in self-driving cars works on 5G. In this, 377.2 MB data can be downloaded in 1 second at 377.2 Mbps download speed. You can download a 1GB movie in less than 3 seconds.

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Life will be made and smart: Multiple devices can be connected to the Internet simultaneously in 5G network. According to Lan Fog, associated with mobile data analytics company OpenSignal, we will be able to do what we are able to do with mobile faster and better. The quality of the video will increase, high-speed internet will make the city smart and there will be many more which we can not even imagine.

Where is the fastest 5G speed:

According to the report from the 5G network of OpenSignal, a company that tests Internet speed, the fastest 5G download speed in the world is in Saudi Arabia. The average download speed on 5G network in Saudi Arabia is 377.2 Mbps. The 4G download speed there is 30.1 Mbps, which is 12.5 times less than 5G.

5G speed in small countries of the world:

The First 5G service was introduced in South Korea, China and America. 5G customers from countries like America, South Korea, Australia, Switzerland and Germany are getting 1Gbps internet speed. India is currently preparing to begin testing 5G, but 68 countries around the world or their border have started. These include many smaller countries like Sri Lanka, Oman, the Philippines, New Zealand.

Major companies offering 5G:

Many companies are now included in the list of 5G operators worldwide. Among them, AT&T, KT Corporation and China Mobile first introduced 5G wireless technology.

Up to 10 times more price:

Now you will have a question in your mind, will you have to spend extra to use 5G network? The price of 5G service plans varies in countries of the world. According to experts, the price of 5G plan will be up to 10 times higher than 4G plan. Presently, if the plan with 4G data per day for 28 days is priced at Rs 199, then its 5G plan can be priced at Rs 1500 or more. However, at the beginning of 5G, companies can make attractive offers to customers.

Situation in India:


Spectrum has not yet been available for testing 5G technology in India, but Reliance Jio’s 5G technology has been successfully tested in the US. The technique has proven itself to be excellent on all parameters.

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About 3 months ago, on July 15, at Reliance’s AGM, Mukesh Ambani announced about 5G technology. Handing this technology developed using domestic resources, Mukesh Ambani said that Reliance Jio is ready for testing 5G technology as soon as 5G spectrum is available and after successful testing of 5G technology, Reliance on export of this technology Will insist.

Will you have to change the mobile?

According to Internet service provider companies, 5G will be completely different from 5G technology. According to the companies, after the introduction of this service, the internet speed will increase 10 to 20 times. Like 4G when it arrives
Had to replace 2G and 3G mobiles, in the same way mobile will probably have to be changed for 5G as well. This may also require the installation of a new chip in smart phones.

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