Almonds(Badam) 8 Benefits for our life in english | Benefits of eating almonds | Almonds disadvantages


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These very few people know that it is not necessary that almonds prove to be beneficial for everyone. There are also disadvantages to eating almonds. Many times people do not know how much almonds to eat. Thinking of almonds as healthy in snacks, eating them in a lot of ways makes it a disadvantage.

it contain calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E, fiber, protein, healthy fat, and antioxidants, so it eliminates many diseases and also increases immunity, but overeating it can harm health.

Benefits of eating

  1. It helps to prevent overeating because the proteins and minerals in it keep your stomach full for a long time.
  2. It is also very beneficial in diabetes. The American Diabetes Association has also accepted this.
  3. It makes bones and muscles strong because it is rich in vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium.
  4. Soaked almonds have a vitamin B complex and prevent cancer.
  5. Those who are allergic to lactose and gluten should drink almond milk.
  6. Eating it reduces the risk of heart diseases.
  7. It is also very good for the skin with hair.
  8. Vitamin E and protein make hair strong and make skin glowing.

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These people should not forget to eat: Disadvantages

  1. Those who have a high BP problem should avoid eating almonds.
  2. If there is any problem with kidney stones or gall bladder, you should not eat it at all. The oxalate present in it does damage.
  3. Those who have digestive problems, Irritating Bowel Syndrome, or those who have very poor digestion should not eat almonds at all.
  4. its has very high in vitamin E and when it goes into the body more, it increases the headache problem.
  5. Also, it becomes a cause of exhaustion instead of freshness. Therefore, people with migraines should not eat it at all.
  • If you are taking antibiotics then you should avoid eating it.
  • It should not be eaten in the problem of hyperacidity.
  • Those who have more weight should also avoid its.

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How much should be eaten-

If you are soaking almonds, you should not eat more than four almonds, but if you are eating wet almonds, do not take more than two.

Bitter its are dangerous –

if it is bitter to eat, do not eat it because it will increase the level of toxic chemicals in your body. Hydrogenic acid is found in bitter. The system tends to be weak.

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