9 BEST TIPS TO IMPROVE MEMORY – know how to improve memory

Improve MEMORY

– We are all familiar with how memory plays a role in our lives. How will we learn something without memory. Ability to learn is essential for our life. And we cannot learn anything until we know what happened last time.


improve memory

Have you ever felt confused because you do not remember the name of the knowledgeable person you were talking to or you are feeling anxious and helpless when you remember something well the day before the exam He did not remember during the exam. Apart from this, we have to feel very embarrassed when we forget many small things or things.

Memory helps us in maintaining our interpersonal relationship, in our problems and in decision making.

Therefore, good memory can help you achieve many successes. Keeping this in mind, we have brought some tips to improve your memory. So let’s know how you can improve your memory.


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TIPS to improve MEMORY:


Suppose you know English and if you want to learn any other LANGUAGE, then identify any word of English whose sound is similar to that foreign or other language. For example, if you have to remember the Spanish word pato which means duck (duck), then you can take the word pot in English. Then the main word pot and the word to be remembered, pato, having an interaction of both, imagine that there is a duck (pato, Spanish word) in a water pot. This method of learning foreign language is better than rote. And with this you can remember a word for a long time.

2. METHOD OF LOCI (Location Method) – improve MEMORY

To use this METHOD, arrange the items to be remembered first in a form in the form of visual image. This method is useful in remembering items in serial order. For this, first imagine the locations of the objects whose specific sources you know well, then the objects you want to remember. Associate them from each place.
for example

While going to the market, you have to remember to buy bread, egg, soap, so keep in mind that bread and egg are kept in the kitchen, tomato on the table and soap in the bathroom. When you reach the market, you walk mentally (mentally) from your kitchen to the bathroom. Now remember the things you want to buy.



In this method a large chunk (block) is made by mixing several small units. For example agar you have to remember a series of numbers like -198320072011 so you can make chunk of 1983, 2007, 2011 and remember it in the form of years of winning the world cup of India. Take an example, like -194719502004, you can make chunk of 1947, 1950, 2004. You can remember this chunk in this form, India became independent in 1947, Indian Constitution came into force in 1950, Tsunami came in 2004.

First letter technique – To use this method, take the first letter of every word you remember and make a word or sentence from it. For example, rainbow rainbow colors are remembered as vibgyor in which v = violet (violet), i = indigo (purple), B = blue (blue), g = green (green), y = yellow (yellow) , o = orange (orange), r = red (red)

Engage in deep level processing – If you want to remember any information, then deep level process it. If memory is attended instead of paying attention to the surface feature, then good memory will be formed. As much as possible such questions should be asked which are related to its meaning and relation. In this way new information will become part of you.



4. The MEMORY  etymology technique of memorizing words –

This technique is based on the study of words, their origin and their development. In this, you will learn about ROOT words. Many words in English language are made up of root words. These root words originate mostly from Latin and Greek languages. Like- motivation word derives from Latin word movere, which means “to move”. Motivation is what “moves” people to do the things they do. Similarly, EGOCENTRIC-SELF is made of CENTERED ROOT WORD EGO- I / SELF. With this technique you can remember words for a long time. LEARN MORE

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8. Mnemonic technique of memorizing words – with this technique you can improve your memory. This technique helps you to remember the facts and structure of the words. This technique creates things to be remembered and images around it. This technique uses LINKING and VISUALIZATION to remember words, that is, to link the words to be remembered with the word that is already stored in your brain. like


Mirth: merriment; You can use this MNEMONIC to remember the word laughter


Mother at birth of her child is extremely happy. Mother at birth = mirth.

Jeopardize: endanger

Mnemonic-Sounds like leopard… leopard r now ENDANGERED species.

Finally, to improve your memory, you have to pay attention to many factors that affect your memory. Like, your health, your interest, your acquaintance with the information to be remembered, etc.

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