4 Tejpatta benefits | The decoction of bay leaves is very effective for these diseases | learn its many benefits

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Decocation Benefits for everyperson

Decoction (Tejpatta) is a spice that is used in every household and it is used in every vegetable. The special thing is that it is very useful not only for its different taste but also for its medicinal properties, but not everyone is aware of it. People use it only to increase the taste of food.

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Bay leaf is filled with many minerals

The decoction made from bay leaves works like a medicine in many diseases. Drinking this, its also removes many deficiencies in the body because many types of minerals are also filled in it. Bay leaves are full of copper, potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium and iron.

Not only this, they are also antioxidants which also removes cancer, blood clotting and heart related problems. Along with this, decoction of bay leaves is also very beneficial in many other diseases.

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Come, know the benefits of drinking bay leaves

1 Back pain problems

Women most complains of back pain, if you also have this problem, then you drink the decoction of bay leaves twice a day. Also, bring bay leaf oil and massage it on the waist. You can also make oil by cooking the bay leaves in mustard oil.

2. Cold or body pain

In case of cold or body pain due to cold, you should drink a decoction of bay leaves as well as massage this oil.

3 Injury or sprain

You should drink a decoction of bay leaves and apply this oil. So that the swelling and pain from sprain is relieved. Grind bay leaves and apply on the sprain area.

4 swelling in the veins

Many times there is a stretch in the veins or there is swelling in the veins, in this case, make a decoction of bay leaves, ointment of bay leaves. It will relax fast.

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Brew like this

Grind 10 grams of bay leaves, 10 grams of parsley and 5 grams of fennel and boil it in one liter of water until it remains half. When this mixture cools down, start drinking the decoction.

Drink the decoction of bay leaves even if there is no problem, so that the deficiency of mineral in the body can be removed.

(Disclaimer: The tips and advice suggested in the article presented are for general information only and cannot be taken as professional medical advice.)

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