Elon Musk Predicts the Near Death of These Cars

Elon Musk undoubtedly has helped change the face of the automobile industry.

In less than 20 years, Tesla  (TSLA) , which he co-founded, has become the benchmark for what all other carmakers aspire to and compare themselves with. 

Legacy carmakers like Ford  (F) , General Motors  (GM)  and Volkswagen  (VLKAF)  have made Tesla and its charismatic and whimsical chief executive their main rival. 

Startups like Rivian  (RIVN)  and Lucid  (LCID)  want a hand in the situation by disrupting the disruptor-in-chief that is Musk and the company he leads. Ambitious Chinese manufacturers NIO  (NIO)  and BYD  (BYDDY)  know they must beat Tesla to dominate the highly lucrative local green vehicle market.

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