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Tastefully Renovated Garage

6001 4th St.

If you’re just right with dwelling within the again backyard of a shirtless guy named Rex who barbecues 300 and sixty-five days in keeping with 12 months and went nocturnal in 2009 and not seemed again, this record may well be the most productive factor that has ever came about to you. Rex says that this one-bedroom, four-hundred-square-foot field was a storage, however I’ve by no means noticed a storage with a pitcher flooring ahead of, so I do not know what that’s about. Brand new home equipment and no door to talk of.

Saves: 45
Offers: 12

Trash Heap

312 Dung Street

Situated at the fetid aspect of a double lot, this heap of black banana peels, unused hot-sauce packets, and rainy socks has a number of personality, and it’s simply begging for any individual to dig a bit tunnel in the course of the heart of it for a house conversion. This lot is zoned for a four-bedroom place of abode that must be 5 tales top and tremendous slim, for some reason why. If you cross to the city-planning division and ask why it will probably’t simply be a regular area, the floating wraith tasked with aiding you’ll open a large dusty ebook, level to an inscrutable line written in a long-dead tongue, and say, “City code,” ahead of cackling and disappearing into mist.

Saves: 280
Offers: 49

Giant Hole

28 Quarry St., No. 3

Twenty by means of twenty toes and getting relatively wider and deeper with each and every thunderstorm, this giant sloppy hollow is technically zoned as business, however we’ve discovered a option to make it home-adjacent. It’s now not insulated, however at the plus aspect it’s tremendous small and comprises no human development fabrics, so there’s now not a lot to do, upkeep-wise. Worth noting that it’s a duplex, so that you’ll be sharing it with every other circle of relatives this is required to have twelve pets.

Saves: 99
Offers: Accepting backup provides

Gorilla Enclosure

1 Zoo St.

On the only hand, you’ll be sharing a pen with a male silverback gorilla named Marlow with a historical past of aggression. On the opposite hand, it’s 3 thousand sq. toes, prices not up to the median domestic, and the within reach colleges are superb if you’ll work out a option to tiptoe previous Marlow early within the morning (when he’s angriest). It additionally comes with the chance to coach guests about our primate relations in the course of the unintended provocation of alpha habits. If you’ve attempted and attempted to undertake an workout regimen but it surely’s by no means caught, it is a nice alternative as a result of you’ll spend maximum days operating and hiking.

Saves: 33
Offers: 4, all of which come with a feminine gorilla to stay the massive man distracted
*Please don’t discuss with with out an appointment.

Half-Renovated, Sinking Rectangle

43 Birch St.

The two morons who lived right here closing added a random lavatory someplace a rest room doesn’t belong in a determined bid to extend the sale worth of no matter this factor is, however they by no means completed, so that you’re going to need to determine that out. There’s a host of sawdust in all places, and each and every wall has a work of IKEA furnishings nailed to it. Whether any of the LOMMARP bookcases are load-bearing is unclear, however, if it sounds thrilling to you in finding out, opt for it.

Saves: 146
Offers: 25, all of which might be over asking worth; 1 be offering to strip down, get on all fours, and consume no matter you installed entrance folks

My Grandpa’s Basement


My grandpa isn’t taking the steps anymore, so it’s most definitely high-quality for those who transfer into his basement. No concept what’s down there or if anything else works, relating to electrical energy or water, however as I recall the neighbors aren’t domestic all that a lot, so you’ll most definitely run a hose from their spigot or no matter. If, for any reason why, my grandpa sees you, simply fake you’re a ghost and do a little old-timey dance (please name 911 if that is going south).

Saves: 18
Offers: 3 that experience waived the fitting to inspection; 1, to be your new grandpa if the outdated guy croaks

Nice House Currently on Fire


A four-bedroom, three-bathroom mid-century fashionable masterpiece not up to ten toes from a five-thousand-acre park that’s lately smoldering. Things looked to be making improvements to for a little bit, however all through penning this description the wind picked up, and the kitchen is lately engulfed in a firestorm. Magnificent, hilltop view of houses that don’t seem to be on hearth in this day and age however might quickly be. Who the hell is aware of anything else anymore?

Saves: 188 saves
Offers: 20 that come with organ donation

The Place You’re Already Renting


Considering the truth that now not a unmarried factor in right here was once bought after 1996, and that even the issues that paintings are in fact damaged for those who don’t understand how to jiggle them appropriately, you idea that $300,000 was once probably the most any cheap individual would ask. But no, it’s going for $500,000 and will probably be bought to an Airbnb developer who’s going to hire it to fully commonplace individuals who however will set up to wreck this whole group.

Offers: 10,000,000
*Already been bought and flipped. ♦

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