Fantasy Basketball Sleepers you Need to Track to Avoid Surprises

The new season of the NBA has just ended, and everyone has an eye out for the best players in the tournament. The most coveted players are the sleepers in every season, as they hold the power to change the game at every minute. In fantasy basketball, scoring on the top sleepers is like winning the highest stakes in a round of Poker.


To place your bets on the best player, you need to strongly understand their history and how they can proceed without faltering in their upcoming games. This makes fantasy basketball intriguing to newcomers in the field. If you have not yet placed your footing in this world, you should head to a proper gaming website, download the fantasy basketball app, and start your journey immediately.


In the list below, let’s see the top basketball sleepers you should consider while playing your upcoming fantasy basketball league.

Khem Birch


Magic first owned Khem, but the capable sleeper suffered a tragic fall after his below-average performance in two and a half seasons. In April 2021, after two days of being let go by his former team, Birch was picked up by the Raptors team, who had been deprived of the center stage for quite a long time. In the last season, the Canadian performed extremely well in 17 of the 19 matches played by the team. He stunned the crowd with 11.9 points, 1.2 blocks and 7.6 rebounds within 30.4 minutes of every game. His amazing performance drew great praise from the crowd, and he was provided with a three-year contract by the Raptors which defined him as a great sleeper of many special facets. 

Jarrett Allen


This specific sleeper is in his fifth season and has shown incredible promise as a fantasy NBA star sleeper. Allen has a spectacular record on blocks and rebounds. He has made 61% of his shots directly from the floor without aid from the team. The new addition of Evan Mobley will certainly not deter him from improving on himself, as he is also a great player in the game who can contribute a lot to each match. At the tender age of 23, Allen had an average of 13.6 PPG, 1.5 BPG and 10.8 RPG as a new starter in the season before the previous year. The special attribute of Allen is his defining 1.3 steals per 48 minutes, which make him a great contender as one of the best sleepers around.

Nickeil Alexander-Walker


Alexander’s drafts show him as one of the NBA’s best players in most positions, which is a very difficult feat to achieve in even a generalist’s sport. 

In his last year’s games, Alexander had hit two three-pointers in every match. Going ahead from his rookie season, Alexander made 41.9 percent of his shots from the field and 72.7 percent from the charity stripe. All these stats scream Alexander to be a top contender for a sleeper spot, a shooter, and a forward. However, his present form is just a reflection of his future potential, and as of now, he is best suited as one of the top fantasy basketball sleepers.

Jaden McDaniels


This is another NBA star with attributes scattered over several game categories. Jaden can be observed in most of his matches as stealing balls, hitting three-pointers, and blocking several of the opponent’s shots in every single match. He comes up later in drafts which helps the team climb back from the pit or move ahead with their lead. McDaniels displays a combination of finesse while playing as a small forward and length in the category of a power forward. His elasticity makes him perfectly suitable for all situations and makes him more noticeable to the coaches and talent scouts of the NBA. This one player is a definite game-changer, and you need to keep a tab on his regular activities.

Jonathan Isaac


Jonathan ranks as one of the most talked-about players in the ACL, and Isaac is mostly undrafted in usually standardized leagues. Isaac has a notorious score of 11.9 points, 6.8 rebounds, 2.3 blocks, 0.9 3s, and 55.2 TS% in his 60 games during the 2019-2020 year. If he manages to keep up that level of performance, then he does not have to prove anything extra as a player to the people. Magic has signed a contract with this special sleeper for $80 million and has invested in him for a year of development. Isaac is a great pick as he is currently improving on his offensive side, which will add more stats to the player in the upcoming months.

Jalen Suggs


Jalen first got noticed as a star performer during his time in college. Orlando Magic has had their eye on this gem for his incredible abilities on the court and quickly took him under their team. The team used Suggs’ skills to build the game early for the entire team. His exceptional performance at Gonzaga, where he played only for a year, made the team go undefeated, making a record in the entire season. He is a 6 foot 6 inches giant and a serious athlete to be highly considered while looking for the best sleepers. His last average in the games is 14.4 per game with 5.3 rebounds, which stands as a commendable feat.

Final Thoughts


Fantasy football apps are the best way to keep a score of your favorite players and have the best experience of a fantasy game on your mobile device. If you are new to fantasy basketball, you should always keep yourself updated with every player’s performance, as that directly relates to your performance in the fantasy league. The same goes for professionals in fantasy games. This list chooses the best performing sleepers in the game for you to be well prepared for the fantasy basketball game.

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