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How do you handle the business plan for a start-up?


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Stepping out of the academic zone once you decide to launch your start-up, it’s time to put all that theoretical knowledge to practice and apply to real-life experiences. And while chalking out a financial business plan may be the first and the most vital step, it is also a real challenge.

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A financial structure will not only assist you in allocating the right budget for everything and have it all in control once the operations start but also, it will have your investors look onto you more sincerely when seeking funding. A year down the line when you analyze the initial leg of your journey, the plan shall serve as your yardstick and that’s how can display a real picture of your business standing.

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However, it is easier said than done to create financial projections without the business plan up and running in actuality. This can be simplified to a great extent by garnering enough information about a competitor’s business or another one of similar nature, which can provide sufficient relevant data to work ahead with. And then there are some other smart ways which can help a start-up to overcome the challenges coming in the way of business planning its financials.

Financial Experience working for a parallel business-

Being fresh out of college, you do have the new ideas and a vibrant zeal full of passion for your objective but in that enthusiasm, the need for practical experience in any field can’t be overruled. If one can have prior experience of working for a parallel established business, it works as a great background and sphere of reference for your own project. This way you will have better ideas at making business strategies.
For instance, founders of Yaantra, a renowned name in the world of start-ups, had been a core part of a technical start-up portal before they decided to go on their own.

Employing Professionals having experience with start-ups

By enlisting professional creative executives, business plan analysts, accountants, etc. who have known what’s it like to work at a start-up and how various aspects are handled at an initial stage in business, you will not only have employees who are on the same page with you but may also get to learn a lot during your brainstorming sessions as these people have already witnessed other firms testing the market waters.

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Not just start-ups, the strategy applies even to big brands. Take the example of top officials such as Vinod Sawhney, an ex-Airtel chief, who was roped in by Reliance and others such as Sunder Pichai of Google, who was roped in for his extensive experience.

Conducting thorough Market Research- personal business loans

Thoroughly researching the functioning and system of the market before entering it is a must, which should be smartly employed for creating your own business model and establishing a business plan. Financial projections should come almost in the very last once you have all other raw information in place.

For example, a fashion start-up must do the ground-work on how well the others in the domain have been doing and what is their market position.

Studying the Past and Current Trends to Assess the Future Patterns-

Assessing the future scope for your business idea is much more crucial than knowing about the past and current status. To have a proper analysis of the markets’ future outlook is the best way to judge the possible success of your venture, for which studying the past graph of the business as well as the current trends and changing patterns of the industry, both are quintessential.

Let’s take the instance of e-commerce portals such as Amazon India, which have been in news for incurring massive losses off lately. Thus, an e-commerce start-up is bound to analyze the trends and patterns of the market in order to survive in that zone.

Discovering Your Brand Power in Co-relation-

Once, you have all the necessary knowledge, skill, experience, resources, and research in place, the fundamental step would be to self-analyze your brand on all parameters. It is to explore your own product/ service better in co-relation to all these vital factors and get a clear picture of your market standing so as to chalk out a sensible and practically feasible road map.

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Having your financial plan in place, you must also remember that it isn’t the final script and only a teaser of what to expect. Your investors also understand the theory and there is no point in feeling disappointed with those initial glitches because no matter the planning, things are often bound to take the unexpected route and you must rely on your judgment and your credible advisory board to sail through such tough times to rise to success.

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