5 flowers and their uses| These flowers are hidden in many diseases, home remedies are on top | which flower is used for medicine

flowers medicine

Marigold flowers or roses in your home are not only to enhance beauty, but you can also use them in many types of diseases. Lotus flower is also very much liked due to its beauty with its ayurvedic properties. If you have these flowers in your home, then you must not only use them for decorating, but also take advantage of its medicinal properties.

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which flower is used for medicine

There are not many species of flowers and many of them have a wealth of medicinal properties. From boils to pimples and skin diseases, their juices are very useful. Sometimes they are very effective in injuries and many other diseases, so today let us know about the medicinal properties of marigold, rose and lotus.

These three flowers are the cure for many diseases, get benefits

If you get wound or get hurt somewhere, you should apply marigold flower juice there. It is antiseptic and is effective in wound healing. If boils occur, grind the marigold leaves and apply it there.

flowers and their uses

If burning with fire along with eczema, spots and spots, then you can apply marigold and basil leaves on it. These problems will be overcome by continuous application.

Rose is very effective in the treatment of scurvy and kidney problems. Rose flower is also helpful in meeting vitamin C deficiency. Take it in any form, it also detoxes your body.

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medicinal flowers in India

Extracts of rose buds cures diseases associated with urin. It also calms the burning sensation of the stomach.
Drink rose petals and apply them on the body, then headaches and fever caused by heat can be cured. At the same time it is also effective in removing the freckles.

Put lotus seeds in hot water and when it swells, put black salt and tea leaves in it and boil it. Drink this several times a day.

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flowers with medicinal benefits

Grind the lotus leaves and apply it on burnt or scorched skin. In addition, the burn marks also burn slowly.
Grinding the leaves of lotus and drinking its juice also causes the body fat to melt.

So, if you do not plant these flowers in your home, then plant them, because they will be useful to improve your health with beauty.


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