Get Paid to Live in a Luxury Resort in the Maldives for a Ye…

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Calling all guide enthusiasts, shuttle vloggers, solitude seekers, or somebody in between: your dream activity is ready.

Luxury hotel Soneva Fushi, situated at the island of Kunfunadhoo within the Baa Atoll—one of the vital Maldives’ greatest islands—is looking for the latest “barefoot bookseller” to come back organize what was once as soon as a easy pop-up guide store on the island getaway. 

And sure, they truly imply barefoot; sneakers are all however banned from the island. “The ethos of the island is: no sneakers, no information. They inspire visitors to reconnect with the bottom,” Alex McQueen, the spokesperson for Ultimate Library, which runs the book shop in partnership with the hotel, informed The Guardian.

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