How to become Police career officer duty is very important | Respect Police duty

Police takes care of the security and law

As the army is stationed at the border of the country and protects us from terrorists, terrorists. In the same way, police plays an important role in our society. The police takes care of the security and law and order within the country. It is the duty of the police to stop any kind of crime in the society. People can complain to the police anytime against their safety or any kind of serious problem. The general public can ask the police for help in their rescue and get a report lodged. Protecting citizens is the ultimate duty of the police.

People follow the law seriously, credit goes to the police.

Bagger of the police The security of the administration of the country and the state cannot be imagined. People in the society should follow law and order well, the police always supervise it. Important elections of the country and states are often done by the police and security of the needy. In the country, any person is misbehaving with someone, or any other way is teasing a rogue girl. In such a situation, the police silence the criminals with the language of their poles and punish them.

police take full responsibility of defense

As soon as elections are held on the head, the police take full responsibility of defense. The police does its job well. Police uniforms are very powerful. Police undergo rigorous training. He captures the criminals and presents them in the court. In society, police is called the keeper of the law. The criminals run away due to fear of the police. The police eventually catch them and put them behind bars. Had the police not been there, the crime in the society would have increased more rapidly. The duty and responsibility of the police remains round the clock. It is the police’s job to control crime like theft, dacoity, murder, riots in the society.

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All the property of the country, public places are guarded by the police.

Protecting the lives of all citizens is an important responsibility of the police. Many times the police commit their lives in a necessary search operation. Police always have to be alert and alert every moment. Police protect their lives by putting their lives in trouble. According to the Constitution of the country it is the responsibility of the police to follow the rules and the law. When the police solve a difficult case, they do not come home for several days until the case is resolved.

The police solve each case thoughtfully and fearlessly.

Many times corrupt police officers do not carry out their responsibilities properly. In such a situation, some corrupt police officer takes money from them to save the criminals, which is completely wrong. If some policemen come out corrupt then somewhere they discredit the entire police force. Such officers are directly suspended as soon as they are caught. People believe in the police. It is the duty of the police to uphold this belief. The life of people, protecting goods is the religion of policemen.

If there was no police, people would have done anything with the law in their hands.

Any person would attack any person and there would be chaos in the society. Honest and honest police do not back down from their duties. The foundation of law and order is the police of the country. Security police provide rallies for politicians during elections. The traffic police of the state is handled by the traffic police. It is the job of the traffic police to ensure that every vehicle in the road complies with the law. Police protects public property during many types of strike.

police gives him the prescribed punishment.

At times during the procession, some people throw stones, this protects the country’s police. Irrespective of the weather or day, the police post remains open round the clock. Often, one class commits unethical atrocities on the other due to discrimination of religion, caste and gender in the country. This does not follow the rules of law. In such a situation, the country’s police has to manage law and order smoothly. After apprehending the culprit, the police gives him the prescribed punishment.

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Traffic police can control the daily traffic jam, stolen vehicle and more

The traffic police can control the daily traffic jam on the road as per their own. If there is a traffic jam then people will be unable to reach their destination on time. Traffic reduces police jams so that movement of vehicles remains. If any road accident happens, she controls these problems. If any person violates the transport rules, the traffic police can impose a fine on them and forfeit your vehicle if more rules are broken. Which you have to get rid of the police station.

The traffic police also ascertain whether any vehicle is stolen or not. People are allowed to ride bikes wearing helmets. Often people take these rules lightly and are seen breaking the law. In such a situation, the traffic police impose a fine on these people. Today’s irony is that police personnel provide more protection to big politicians and rich people. Common people are deprived of their safety somewhere.

Police can rectify this situation with their responsibility

Our police administration needs to be vigilant and always vigilant and it is the responsibility of the society to curb the crimes happening day by day. Sometimes in some circumstances, they also become eateries. Today, corruption is prevalent in every region in the country, and the police system has not remained untouched by it. Over seventy percent of the police in the country is corrupt. Due to this, the common man does not have faith in the police, only the police can rectify this situation with their responsibility.


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