How to make big thai | How to make leg muscles | How to make fat thai 5 full details

How to make big thai & leg muscles at Gym

Jeans fit only when leg muscles are good. Leg muscles are the largest in our body. So we have to think about them in a big way. We pay a lot of attention behind all the arms but do not focus that much on Thai muscles. This is the reason why jeans keep swinging on our feet. 


Thai requires more effort than other workouts. So often people train it on Saturday, so that Sunday can get rest. In this article, we will show you professional ways to increase the size of Thai. 


So understand that behind the big legs is hard work, strict discipline and big food. This is how people often search on Google to make fat Thai. 


How to make fat thai 

How to make big thai 

How to increase thai size 

Thai’s top exercise 

How to make leg muscles 

It is important to know some things before you exercise Thai and make it heavy. 

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Three major muscles group of thighs in Thai 


Indian youth who go to the gym work harder on arms than legs. The reality is that there is a difference of ground-sky in the muscle size of both. You can divide the legs into three big and two small groups. Glutes, Hamstrings, Quads, Kaffes, Shin Muscles (Glutes, Hamstrings, Quads, Calf, Shin Muscles). The first three are above the knee. Glutes means your gift, hamstring is called Inner Thai and Quads Outer or Front Thai. These are the three big groups and then Kaf and Shin Musals are part of the smaller group. 


Will have to be trained twice a week 

To make the muscles of legs heavy, you have to think according to each muscle group. If you want big Thai then you have to train twice a week. Once Inner Thai and Outer Thai once. Kaf and shin muscles train every time or if you want, you can also skip once. 


By training the two big parts of Thai separately, your Thai will get a skewed shape, because Inner Thai and Outer Thai are opposite each other but in slightly slanted form. You can keep Monday for the first day because the muscles are very relaxed after the Sunday break. After this, you can choose any other day like Friday, giving a two-day gap. 


How to make big hamstrings 


We first talk of Inner Thai. It makes exercising a little easier and there is not much stress on the waist. You can easily apply heavy weight in it, because the legs are kept very open in its workout. 


The best for warmup in Inner Thai is single dumbbell squat. If the workout form is not known, you can also watch the video on YouTube. We also recommend that you set foot on two benches. This will allow you to go further down. 


The more you deepen, the more fun it will feel pain is called fun.

The second advice is that there is no need for complete erectile dysfunction when it comes up. There are two disadvantages to this, first you will start resting there and second you will be excessively backwards and will put emphasis on your waist. It happens to everyone. So 90 percent has to stand and then back down. How many rap and how many sets- 


Three sets, 15, 12 and 10 wraps if you are slim or new. Apart from this, whatever exercise of legs we are telling you. You have to keep three of them exercises, three sets of three and a rap count between 12 and 6. Are old and body weight is okay – four sets, rap count 20, 15, 10, 8. You have to do four exercises of legs, four sets each, and keep the rap count between 16 and 8. 


Post warm-up schedule 


Leg press high feet 

Lying leg curl 

Romanian dead lift with dumbbell 

Wide legs squat 

After this, you have to do stretching and if you want, you can do kaf training. 

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How to train Outer Thai 


The training of front Thai, ie Quads, is slightly heavier than the hamstrings. It is difficult to apply heavy weight and there is more emphasis on the waist. But to make Thai, this part will have to be trained separately. Remember that it also puts more pressure on the knees, so it is important to wear a knee guard. You can do three to four exercises to make it complete. 


If you are slim, try to keep between three to three exercises, three sets and a wrap count between 12 and 6, except for warmth. The rest of the old people keep four exercises, four sets and a rap count between 15 and 8. Keep in mind that in this article we are talking about gainings. Its warm-up can include cycling, running, free squats, or a long walk walkout weight. 

thai workout


Post warm-up schedule 


Front squats 

Leg Press 

Leg extension 

Lunges with weight 

After this you do stretching and train kaf and shin muscles. 


Important preparations for Thai workouts 


The day you have to do Thai workouts, you will need a lot of energy. People who do workouts in the evening have a lot of carbohydrate in their body, but those who train in the morning need to load carb. 


At least one hour before going to the gym, you can eat three bananas or you can eat two big boiled potatoes, curd and coriander. This will keep your energy level up during the workout. People who take pre workout drinks should not be under the misconception that we will be able to work only by pre workout drink. It will only run, not work. 

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