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Advertising is very important in the era in which we are living.

If the common man sees their advertisement before buying any item. Advertisements are often seen on TV, newspaper, radio etc. Advertising refers to delivering any content products, and services to customers. Advertising spreads so much of any ordinary thing, that the audience gets hypnotized by it. The next day, we buy that item from the market. Advertising has a huge hand in making any business reach the heights. Everyday, we get to see all types of advertisements in TV, radio and street walls, from clothes to cement to make houses.

Wherever we go, we get to see advertisements.

As we stepped out of the house, advertisements have surrounded us everywhere, behind walls, buses and even in mobiles. Videos of advertisements are dominated on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, various blogs of the Internet, etc. In an attractive way, advertisements are made keeping in mind the demand of the logo. Different types of advertising use attractive and rhymed lines so that the customer is quickly impressed by them.

The advertisement is called Ishthar in Urdu.

If we want a job, then a variety of ads (advertisements) are given for doing jobs in newspapers and on the Internet. Seeing those advertisements, the person reaches the address given on the advertisement and gives an interview to get the job. The news of the next year’s admission of the school is spread through the advertisement posters. Advertisements have surrounded the common people to upper-class people. Advertising companies offer every small feature to reach people. Life is incomplete without advertising.

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Advertising has a profound effect on our hearts and minds.

We actually buy more items from the market whose advertisements we see on TV or radio. Renowned companies promote the product and take their cell far and wide. The attention of customers is attracted by unique and attractive advertisements. Which also has an effect, customers use those products. We buy all the products used in daily life, influenced by advertisements. Big actors earn crores by advertising.

People nowadays rely on advertisements quickly.

The toothpaste used in the morning is also from a company. Today in the world of competition all company wants success. That’s why the company has to resort to advertising to promote its products vigorously. The customer buys more of those products, which are widely promoted. Advertising is used by the people of the industry, popular companies and political parties to promote themselves. The only reason for this is, through this, millions of people can be reached in less time.

If we need mobile, we will get to see Mobil related ads.

By looking at various advertisements, we can buy a mobile according to our ability. Advertising gives people the opportunity to test all kinds of things. In advertising, we are told about the quality and characteristics of the products. Today, people are promoting their products by advertising through digital means. Today digital marketing is also a great medium by which businessmen advertise on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram.

Types of advertisements

There are various types of advertisements such as billboards, bill boards, magazines etc. Through advertising, big companies are doing crores of rupees business. Nowadays we talk about various brands. These advertisements show us about the brand. As we read the newspaper in the morning, the series of commercials starts from the very first page. Soaps, detergents, watches, freezes, TV’s all see advertisements on newspapers and TV. We also get to know the percentage of discounts being given on the products at the time of festival in advertisements.

shopping malls and shops and in the city square

Whenever we go to the market, in the shopping malls and shops and in the city square, we see posters and big boards of advertisements ranging from hair oil to the car. The field of advertising is very wide. Popular brands and companies spend seventy percent of their money through advertising. It is important for companies or else how will common people know about the products. If it is not known, it is obvious that more people will not use it.

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film stars and well-known faces are used to make advertising

Famous film stars and well-known faces are used to make advertising better and popular. The reason is that the general public considers those stars to be their role models and believes in them. The companies take advantage of this and include them in videos and pictures of advertisements of their products. Most people get affected by seeing this. We also know about popular brands of various foreign goods. All this has been possible due to advertising.

The conclusion

Advertising is an effective, attractive and powerful medium. Any product is appreciated by advertising. The company whose product is sold more, the company beats its other competitors. If there was no advertisement, then which company is good for us and which product is not suitable for us, it is not known. Advertising teaches us to test things directly and smoothly.

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