Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck Accused of Stealing Incarcerated M…

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Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck launched a musical album in combination referred to as 18 in July, however now they are going through a big accusation.

The two are accused of plagiarism, as Rolling Stone reported that lyrics from their tune “Sad Motherf***in’ Parade” are at once lifted from a poem written by way of an incarcerated guy named Slim Wilson.

The textual content that they’re accused of copying is a “toast” referred to as “Hobo Ben.” According to The Guardian, a “toast” is a type of “Black people poetry, comparable to hobo balladry.” 

Depp and Beck’s tune copies a couple of strains from the poem, like one that incorporates the tune’s name, “[Y]ou higher attempt to stay you ass on this nook of colour/’reason if the Man come you are making a tragic motherf***in’ parade.”

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