How to become a lawyer after 12 complete information


How to become a lawyer

When a child is asked what he wants to become when he grows up, he takes the name of one of the doctors, engineers, journalists, lawyers, etc., but when he is asked how he will become So he hardly has any answer. But when he is in the 10th or 12th, he tries to find the answer to this question. Or the parents of that child try to know the answer to this question, how can they make their child a doctor, engineer etc.?

Apart from this, another problem comes to us many times that we do not know what we want to be or want to do in life. People are often in a dilemma while choosing a career and do not understand what they should do. In such a situation, it is our opinion that you should talk to a good career counselor. Those who can overcome your dilemma and you will find this career counselor very easily on, so if you are confused about your or your children’s career, then you should also visit, talk to the career counselor And now, remove all your dilemma.

For the present, in this article, we will give you answers to many questions related to a profession and will tell you how to become a lawyer and what is advocacy studies.

Friends, many people dream of becoming a professional and people recognize him by his work. With this dream, if you want to become a lawyer, then it is very important to know what to do, how to do what people started calling me in the name of lawyer. Actually becoming a lawyer is not a big deal. It is a big thing to be a good lawyer, for which you have to study LLB first.

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Legum Baccalaureus, the flower of LLB, is a Latin language word. LLB is also known as Bachelor of Law. There are 2 types of LLB, BA LLB which is a 5-year course in which admission can be taken after 12th and then LLB in which admission is taken after graduation. It is 3 years old. Laws and rules of India are taught in both the courses. If you are interested in understanding Indian law or the constitution then LLB is a good option for your career.


Educational Qualification for LLB – ELIGIBILITY FOR LLB COURSE IN
To get admission in any LLB college, you have to take an entrance exam and some educational qualification has been prescribed to take the exam.

It is compulsory to have 50% marks in 12th standard to take BA LLB entrance exam.

In order to take LLB entrance examination, it is mandatory to have 50% marks in graduation.


How to become a lawyer…. HOW TO BECOME A LAWYER IN INDIA

To become anything, it is very important to know about that profession, so let us tell you what you should do step-by-step to become a lawyer.

After 12th join LLB course

Like we mentioned above, it is compulsory to be 50% in class 12th. Also, let us tell you that if you have a subject of arts or a subject of social signs, then it becomes easier for you to study because it resembles social signs. But for the children of arts, it becomes a bit difficult to pass the entrance exam as they are asked questions on the topics of Maths, English Reasoning, GK.


Prepare for entrance exam Prepare for LLB Entrance Exam

Every year CLAT exam is held for admission to Law College. This is a very famous entrance exam, after passing it, you can take admission in Law College. This exam is all India and many colleges are covered under it, in which you can take admission on the basis of your marks.


Enter internship

Do internship after finishing the course of law. This is very important for any professional course. During this time you come out of the books and get to know about the work of the court.

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Enroll in Bar Counsel

This is the last and most important step. After internship, every person studying law has to enroll in the state bar council. Only after passing the All India Bar Examination examination, a case is allowed to be fought completely.

After this, whether you can study LLM or become a government lawyer, you can become a judge or if you want to fight the case independently, then it is also considered a good option.

After knowing all this, it is natural to ask the question that what will be the fees of this course, then we are telling you their fees for one year in the name of some low colleges, although it keeps increasing.

University or fees of lawyer LLB COURSE


FACULTY OF LAW, UNIVERSITY OF DELHI, NEW DELHI                                                       8000

SYMBIOSIS LAW SCHOOL – [SLS], PUNE                                                                                 3,20,000

NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY – [NLU], NEW DELHI                                                             1,38,000

FACULTY OF LAW, BANARAS HINDU UNIVERSITY, VARANASI                                             60,000

THE NATIONAL LAW INSTITUTE UNIVERSITY – [NLIU], BHOPAL                                   1,80,000


GOVERNMENT LAW COLLEGE – [GLC], MUMBAI                                                                          7,000


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