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  • Sunday and Mumbai
  • Ordinary weapon kills 18-year-old
  • Because push

Aurangabad: Guru is being blamed for the crime. Ion Ganeshmevathi has also come up against the incidents of killer attacks. A youth has been killed in Ashot and Gangabad. There are rumors circulating across the state, police said.

Tragic information, a new verse from the parts of Kanchanwadi, Gallit Mahesh Digambar Ka (18, Ra.
Weather warning: Frequent torrential downpours from today, on monsoon crisis
The speaker, Thoreau Gemini, was seen lying on the ground. Interesting information that will make Mars happy Seven days of police officers and staff were at the scene. This incident is the subject of fierce controversy.

Meanwhile, or Procar Assistant Police Inspector is directed to the fact that he actually oversees Arshi and the mortuary. Ultimately, or completely outside is the atmosphere. This is how the murderous incident happens.

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