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Minister Misled Parl by Saying No Deaths Due to Oxygen Shortage, Will Move Privilege Notice: Cong

Congress on Tuesday accused Minister of State for Health Bharti Praveen Pawar of misleading Parliament by giving “false information” that there were no deaths due to lack of oxygen during the second wave of the Kovid epidemic. Congress leader K.C. Privilege notice against the Minister, because he has “misled” the House.

His remarks came after the government informed the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday, while no deaths were reported during the second wave by the states and union territories, especially due to lack of oxygen. The Union Ministry of Health has issued detailed guidelines to all states and Union Territories for reporting deaths. Accordingly, all the States and Union Territories regularly report cases and deaths to the Union Ministry of Health. However, no deaths have been reported by the states and Union Territories, especially due to lack of oxygen, ‘Pawar said in a written reply.

Venugopal, whose question was answered by the Cabinet in the House, said everyone has seen how people died due to lack of oxygen in several states, including the nation’s capital. He told reporters, “Indeed, the Minister misled the House and I will take the privilege against that Minister because the Minister misleads and misleads the House by giving false information.”

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi slammed the dispensation, saying there was a severe lack of sensitivity and truth in the government. “It simply came to our notice then. There was a severe lack of sensitivity and truth at that time, it was there and still is, Gandhi said in a tweet in Hindi.

Referring to the all-party meeting on covid management convened by the Center, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also spoke, saying, “I do not know whether the Prime Minister is also giving such an answer in his presentation.” Senior Congress leader at the Center P. Chidambaram said the government has mastered the art of dealing with every mishap. “First, there was no shortage of vaccines. Yesterday, it was reported in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh that his vaccines have run out. “It’s the same story in many vaccination centers,” he tweeted.

“Now, it is not ‘news of death due to lack of oxygen’. Read carefully. The minister said there is ‘no death’. He said ‘there is no news of death’. Chindambaram added that Congress leader Jayavir Shergill claimed that no one was killed due to lack of oxygen, adding that the government had “mocked and insulted” the victims and their families.

“The BJP government’s statement that no one was killed due to lack of oxygen is a bigger lie than China did not enter Indian territory,” he told reporters here. He added that the BJP’s addiction to spreading fake news, strategizing and turning a blind eye to people’s pain has reached alarming proportions.

Shergill said the government also “insulted” the efforts of the judiciary which sat every day to get the government working to manage the oxygen. “The BJP is a ‘shameless false party’. No one died due to lack of oxygen. The government has ridiculed and insulted the dead and their families,” the Congress leader said.

He said the minister who made the statement should immediately apologize to the nation.

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