8 Easy Tips of Fat Burns | Motapa Kam Karne ke tarike bina exercise

Tips for Reduce fat without workout


Get honey every day

Honey is considered to be a very natural recipe for reducing obesity. Drink honey in hot water every morning on an empty stomach, and to improve the taste, you can also add lemon in this mixer. At least, take this mixture once a day and you can take it on an empty stomach in the evening as it is a natural recipe, so it will not harm your health.

Mix spices in the tea

There will be very few people in India, who do not like to drink tea, tea is often placed in front of the guests and it is good for your health. To reduce obesity, you are doing not got to hand over tea but got to drink spices mixed in it, this may reduce your weight and also won’t spoil your throat. Now the question arises that what kind of spices can you mix in tea? – Black pepper, lentil, cardamom powder, and ginger too.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables help a lot in losing weight and also give nutrients to your body. Do not eat outside food in the least, and rather than that, eat many vegetables and fruits, you’ll eat them for breakfast too. In obesity, you ought to eat high-fiber vegetables, in order that you are doing not feel hungry again and keep your stomach full. High-fiber food is slowly digested, making blood sugar stable.

3 meals a day

Do not eat food one and two times, you do not lose weight. According to research, people who do not eat breakfast, because of losing weight, their weight increases instead of decreasing, this is because when you skip a meal you take more calories in your body when You have another meal of the day. By skipping your one time meal, you will feel more hungry, due to which you will increase calories while eating the next meal of the day.

Home food

Home food is much better in obesity than eating outside because there is a lot of fat in the outside food, due to which your weight can suddenly increase significantly. Homemade food is made according to your taste and a few things that you are aware of, but the food outside is made up of many acids and colored spices, which can cause a lot of problems to your body.

Green tea

Green tea has been considered very effective in reducing weight. By taking green tea, you will not even have to take medicines that claim to reduce your weight, which is a lie and these medicines can also make your body habitual and harm from chemicals. Can. Green tea works alright in weight loss, so you’ll not get to diet.

work out

Exercise is the best way to keep the body fit and lose weight. Every day, 30 – 40 minutes of exercise is enough to keep you healthy. There are many other benefits of exercise, which keep you healthy, so before eating food in the morning, it is very important to exercise.

Keep the body hydrated

Water is called a detoxifying agent. There are many such toxins in our body, due to which we gain weight and by drinking more water, those toxins are detoxified. Water should be drunk 30 minutes before eating and after 30 minutes and that too hot water so that body fat can be reduced and eliminated.

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