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Personality– The tradition of planting tilak has been going on for centuries. People apply Tilak only when either attending a religious program or worshiping at home. Generally people do not apply tilak. The tradition of applying tilak has also been lost to modernity. People consider applying tilak as outdated but you know that this tilak is very important not only for your body but also for the development and health of the mind.

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Though tilak is applied with sandalwood, turmeric, kumkum or bhasma etc. but sometimes people apply tilak only with water too. This is done to avoid sighting tilak.

Applying Tilak on the forehead has not only religious but also psychological reasons. Doing so keeps both body and mind calm. So try and apply tilak on your forehead when you get a chance. Come also know about the benefits of applying tilak today.

These fires of applying tilak: Personality

Applying tilak on the forehead has a very positive effect on the personality. This boosts confidence and makes your personality look impressive in front of the person. Applying tilak also increases self-confidence. It is psychologically certified.

Those who apply tilak on the forehead daily, both their mind and brain are calm. You see a quiet inclination all over.. This is due to the comfort from inside. This is the reason that such people do not have mental disorders and they are also physically healthy.

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Applying tilak on the forehead balances the secretion of seratonin and beta endorphins in the brain and that is why such people do not have problems like sadness or stress. Due to the balance of these secretions, problems like headaches also disappear.

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On the off chance that turmeric tilak is applied on the brow, it doesn’t mess skin up as turmeric is germ-free and against bacterial

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From religious point of view, applying tilak liberates from sins, then it is considered to calm the mind and provide coolness. Applying it on the forehead ends mental fatigue. Applying sandalwood tilak in astrology brings peace to the planets.

benefits of applying turmeric on forehead

It is believed that the house of the person applying sandalwood tilak is full of food and money and the person is fortunate.
So when you get a chance, apply Tilak on your forehead. This will not only remove your physical and mental problems as well.


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