PETA Slams Gordon Ramsay After Controversial TikTok Video

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Gordon Ramsay is beneath fireplace for a up to date TikTok video through which he jokingly decided on a lamb for dinner.

The notorious chef posted a video of himself creeping up on a pen stuffed with lambs, making a song, “I’m going to consume you,” as he climbs up one aspect of the fence. “MMMM,” he hummed from atop the fence, rubbing his palms in combination. “Yummy yum yum yum yum yum.” Before he totally enters the pen, startling the lambs, he asks, “Which one goes within the oven first?”

Many idea the chef, who’s well known for now not handiest his love of meat dishes however his huge disdain for veganism, had long past too a long way with the clip.

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