Phrase Book for American Tourists: 2022 Edition

Drunk passenger on airplane.

Hello, flight attendant. I’m under the influence of alcohol and able to be duct-taped to my seat.

Pope driving car by Disneyland Paris castle.

Take me to Disneyland Paris. Take me to the Pope. Tell the Pope to force me to Disneyland Paris.

Richard Nixon looking at a fireplace and an air conditioner.

I desire a room. A large room. With an air-conditioner and a hearth. And can each be on on the similar time?

Canned beverage  beer bottle and a glass of beer.

Do you will have Bud Light?

Ted Cruz walking with rolling suitcase.

Good afternoon. Does your nation have electrical energy?

Aerial view of a place setting with ice cubes and cheese slices next to it.

I need to have dinner at 5:30 P.M. More ice. Cheese slice.

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