5 Portion control plate | how to cut food costs Restaurant financial budgets

Portion control plate and how they affect Food Costs in restaurants.

Portion control plate
Portion control plate

Food costs – While cooking good food is undoubtedly an art, selling it works best as a science. How’s that, you may ask. Alas, you have already experienced it. Remember the times when McDonald’s used to give free ketchup sachets? They changed that in recent years, making you pay for every additional sachet. Perhaps, you noticed but couldn’t care less. After all, who cared about gravity before Newton.

What are food costs? – Portion control plate

Except that the science is bound to take over. The McDonald’s move is just one example of the science of ‘portion control’ that big and small food costs businesses are increasingly employing. This science basically ensures that the order within the ‘order’ – i.e. cost, quality, and selling price of the product — remains consistent.

Eating smaller portions to lose weight-food wastage

 Portion Control as a practice has been followed at the backchannel by many established as well as new brands while it has majorly come to the forefront now, in the recent few years. This is mainly owing to the health-conscious class of people today and of course, the rising awareness towards food wastage. Without a doubt, systematizing the food portion control has remained substantial to retain the quality, taste, and manage the costs effectively to achieve a

significant increase in margins.” said, Mohit Panicker, owner of Swing in Goa.
Thus, evidently, another imperative for ‘portion control‘ is the ultimate quest to minimize the wastage of food. If that isn’t such a moral issue for you, it may soon be a legal one. As per media reports, the government is planning to fix portion control sizes of food served in restaurants after Prime Minister Modi expressed concerns about the wastage of food in one of his recent radio address.

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Portion size chart

Clearly, it will only be logical for restaurateurs to guard against such a predicament. By voluntarily adopting portion control policies, they can opt for the proverbial magical formula in selling food.
There is no shortage of reliable information on the Internet on ideal portion sizes and their nutritional value. At a time when consumers are increasingly eating and drinking responsibly, portion control makes their choices of restaurants automatic.

So, when I decided to open my own restaurant, it had to serve nutrition-packed food albeit strictly controlled portions for the benefit of my ‘health-oriented food tribe’. Portion Control serves as a great way for me to wipe off any worries regarding the size, taste, and consistency of any dish, owing to help from set quantities, thus ensuring to keep intact the exclusive sense of taste for customers every single time.” said Johnny Singh, owner of Nutrition Theka in Delhi.

The way portion control works are that it marries portion servings to the appetite and ideal dietary needs of the consumer. This naturally helps restaurants to make the right calls on the quantity​ they serve and helps avoid wastage.

In another indicator that the idea of portion control is picking up, some start-up restaurants are using it to mitigate the downsides of chefs’ attrition.

In the light of the above considerations, it can easily be concluded that portion controlling practices drastically influence the final food costs in restaurants and can act as a great benefactor for a restaurant, no matter how big or small, new or well-established it is. And it works well, not only in terms of a monetary incentive but also to balance the overall structuring of the kitchen, the way the chef’s function, and most importantly, satisfying the customers with uniformity in taste, quality, quantity, and the familiar look and feel of their favorite dish at all times.

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