7 benefits potato peel for skin and hair | Stop throwing potato peel, it is beneficial for these diseases


Potato is a vegetable that we use every day to eat something or the other. Every time you use potatoes to eat without peeling, but do you know that by throwing away the peel, you also throw away many nutrients. While these peels not only hide the treasure of health, but they are beneficial in many diseases like weight loss and high BP.

Potato peel is useful not only for health but also for beauty

It has also rich in calcium, vitamin C and B complex as well as iron. This is the reason that it removes many deficiencies in the body and is also beneficial in keeping diseases away. It is very useful not only for health but also for beauty. Potato peel is used from dark circles to coloring hair. So from now on, stop throwing potato peel and know its usage.

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1. Blood pressure control

Potassium is found in potato and it is also full of vitamin C. Both these things are effective in controlling blood pressure. You can eat it as a vegetable by washing its peel or by making potato with peel.

2. Balance will remain weight

Its full of fiber and when these peels are made right, it not only gives carbohydrates but also fiber. You can use these peels in any way. Due to the high fiber, it also keeps the stomach full for a long time and it is also effective in increasing the metabolic rate. Eating it makes the nerves strong.

3. Anemia is beneficial

Iron is found in high amounts in potato peel and this is the reason that if there is lack of blood, then you should use this peel in your food.

4. is full of strength

It is rich in calcium and vitamin complex. It makes bones strong and vitamin B gives strength to the body. Try to make the potato with the peel whenever you want. Either you use its skin as a snack.

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5. Digestive system makes stronger

It has a lot of fiber and this is why it also makes the digestive system strong. Due to the high fiber in it, it also prevents constipation etc.

6. Peel gives hair color

If your hair is turning white, then you boil a bowl of potato in half a liter of water. When the water remains one to two teaspoons, then apply it on your hair. By doing this again and again, your hair will turn brown.

7.Dark circles away

If dark circles have formed under the eyes or the face becomes dark due to sunlight, then grind the potato peel and remove its juice and apply it on the face. Blackness will go away.

So from today, the potato peels either stop unmoving or do not be thrown after peeling. Do use it in some form or the other.

(Disclaimer: The tips and advice suggested in the article presented are for general information only and cannot be taken as professional medical advice.)

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