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sadabhau khot targets raju shetti: ‘राजू शेट्टींच्या मिशीला

Table of Contents


  • Raju Shatti’s Mishila Baramati Kharkhat.
  • Bouchery criticism made by Sadabhau Khot.
  • Jalasamadhi Aronavarahi Sadhala Nishana.

Kolapur: Anandi, Sadabhau Khot, Dharma Dharma Raju Shetty By no means Shetty Hospital Bochri criticized by the title toss loss. ‘Mishila has been tough for a very long time, this crack is easy, not immortal. They’re slaves of the federal government, they’re hujras, they’re assured that they are going to assault the federal government. (Sadabhai Khot targets Raju Shetty)

Lesson: ‘Breaking the wind is ridiculous; 50 years within the states … ‘; Criticism of PatlaShatti Parivartan Naam Na Tos Tof Dagli by Sadabhau Khot at a press convention held in Kolahpur. Khot mentioned, ‘Earlier than and immediately journey and the federal government is consistently criticizing Devanandriya growth. As a result of his Mishila Barmati has turn out to be immortal. It’s a chiktun like Mahavikas Ok’s kurt saptala sakharela mungla chiktava. In mediation they’re compensated. Slave as a lot as the federal government’s invitation got here. Hujer did however probably not challenged. Mentally believed. Now the doorman speaks. Hey, you are welcome. Mandivar Basla of the authorities. Tips on how to make a motion? Authorities Beda polling work. Saptat Aslo, nevertheless, the motion, my and Kata on this press, nevertheless, cease the weird politics. ‘

Lesson: Aryancha Kothdil Mukkam Chela; Bail utility 20 Octorala verdict

‘Cease the spirit hand-in-hand coverage youngsters now. The monolithic FRP has been made clear by the Heart. As such letters have been given to cupboard ministers. Your new command will not be required. Nasta Gondhal, we advocate by way of dialogue, cease misinformation now ‘, mentioned Isarohi. I can not learn Gujarati. Happiness should face grief and heavy rains. Different days are November-December. N. D. Chougale, Amit Gat, G. D. Patel and so forth. have been questions.

Lesson:‘You may be caught by placing your pocket pudding’; Parcha NCBever Sobol


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