Sean Hannity Wants Low Income Americans to Have No Lives

Sean Hannity doesn’t assume you’re spending sufficient of your lifestyles at paintings. In a up to date dialogue on his communicate radio display, he advised that Americans who’re suffering financially simply want to paintings extra. Much more. Like, nearly each waking hour in their lives.

That’s insane. Americans have already got to spend way more in their time at paintings than their opposite numbers in economically related international locations. The United States is the one industrialized country—and some of the simplest countries of any sort—whose electorate aren’t legally assured any days of paid holiday.

Most Americans paintings in non-unionized jobs the place they are able to be fired without a recourse. And within the U.S.—versus related countries that have nationalized medical health insurance methods—dropping your task signifies that you and your dependents lose their medical health insurance.

All of that could be a recipe for numerous other folks staying in jobs they hate, each day and month after month, and not using a unmarried awful week of paid time without work. And that’s should you’re fortunate sufficient to have one task with well-defined hours, fairly than juggling two or 3 gig financial system hustles.

Unsurprisingly, Americans are a ways much more likely than electorate of different advanced countries to record emotions of “prime pressure.” We’re all however operating ourselves to dying already. So why does Sean Hannity, who fancies himself a populist, assume we want to paintings much more?

“It’s What I Do”

“Maybe as an alternative of operating a 40 hour week,” Hannity advised, “sign up for the remainder of us—paintings 70, 80, 90 hours. And I do know other folks don’t like to listen to that recommendation nevertheless it’s what I do.”

I double-checked that statement, to peer simply what number of hours his communicate radio display (The Sean Hannity Show) and his Fox News display (Hannity) in fact run each week. The radio display is going for 3 hours within the past due afternoon and the TV display airs for an entire hour within the night. Oh, and either one of those presentations simplest run Monday thru Thursday.

So that’s 16 hours per week on air. Quite slightly of The Sean Hannity Show is spent taking calls fairly than doing pre-prepared subject material, however that doesn’t imply each presentations don’t contain slightly slightly of prep time each week.

I be expecting that the vast majority of the pre-production is completed through his group of workers, however let’s fake for the sake of argument that Hannity individually is doing a complete hour of prep paintings for each hour that he’s on-air. Even that would simplest upload as much as a four-day week, with a complete of 32 hours of labor. That’s even higher than the 35-hour week employees experience in France.

Hannity’s Dystopian Vision

So why does Hannity assume strange Americans must be operating a minimum of two times the legally mandated French workweek?

Assuming he isn’t additionally using an Uber on weekends to make ends meet, Hannity’s present-tense “that’s what I do” declare is lovely doubtful. He additionally mentioned that a long time in the past, when he used to be operating as a contractor, he attempted to stick on task websites for so long as he used to be allowed to. That phase’s more difficult to test. Let’s simply pass forward and think he’s telling the reality. The extra necessary query is why he thinks any person must have to reside like that.

“…since there’s a felony restrict to what number of hours per week you’ll paintings for anybody employer, any person taking Sean’s monetary recommendation is commuting now not simply from house to paintings however between other places of work.”

Even on the backside finish of Hannity’s advised vary, 70 hours per week signifies that you’re at paintings for ten hours an afternoon each unmarried day of the week. At the highest finish, 90 hours would imply that you simply’re operating 13 hours per week Monday thru Saturday, then on Sunday you get to take it simple and simplest paintings 12. (I suppose that Sean, who wears his Christian piety on his sleeve, would pick out Sunday because the day of comparative leisure.)

As left-leaning commentator Krystal Ball identified in a dialogue about Hannity’s exertions recommendation along with her podcast co-host Kyle Kulinski, that’s a hell of a message for some of the highest-profile advocates of allegedly “pro-family” conservative politics to ship. When precisely are employees meant to see their households if everybody takes Hannity’s recommendation?

Assuming you sleep for 8 hours an evening, a 13-hour workday will provide you with 3 entire hours to your self although you telecommute. If your task comes to handbook exertions, I suppose you’ll get the entire 3 hours should you’ve discovered a method to instantaneously teleport to paintings and again. But should you reside, say, part an hour from the place you’re employed, you’re down to 2 day by day hours to divide between getting ready and consuming foods, brushing your enamel, purchasing groceries, and waving hi on your family members.

Many other folks, after all, have for much longer commutes than that. And since there’s a felony restrict to what number of hours per week you’ll paintings for anybody employer, any person taking Sean’s monetary recommendation is commuting now not simply from house to paintings however between other places of work.

Unfortunately, we are living in a rustic the place many of us’s lives are like this. But they don’t need to be. We may just lift the minimal salary to a host other folks would in fact have the ability to continue to exist (with only one task), alternate exertions regulations to show you how to prepare unions, give everybody baseline social services and products like common healthcare, and even perhaps mandate per week or two of paid holiday like rattling close to each different country on this planet someway manages to.

As a socialist, I’d in fact like to head a lot additional than this minimal. Everything I simply discussed would simplest deliver the U.S. as much as the extent of a extra commonplace capitalist nation.

But Sean Hannity has spent his entire political lifestyles opposing even the minimal. He simply spent 4 years sporting water for Donald Trump, whilst the Trump management went on a spree of deregulation and union-busting. He used to be an apologist for the much more ostentatiously “pro-business” George W. Bush earlier than that.

No marvel the most efficient Hannity can be offering to working-class other folks is recommendation to give up much more in their lives to company America and hope for the most efficient. And no marvel the Hannities of the arena spend such a lot in their time selling culture-war distractions as an alternative of advocating their perspectives on bread-and-butter problems. Because he’s proper—other folks “don’t like to listen to” that their complete time on earth must be spent at the task.

I ponder why now not.

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