5 shoulder exercises can be done to get a strong, wide and large

Strong shoulders give shape to your upper body. At the same time, when it comes to any responsibility, the matter that is burdened on the shoulders definitely comes to mind. That is why it is a very big thing to take responsibility for someone on your shoulder.

This is a matter of saying, but if we talk about real life, then…

Yes, strong shoulders improve the personality of every man. With their help only you can lift heavyweight. Many people go to the gym and work hard and exercise for this, but still, they are unable to give proper shape to their shoulders.

So your wait is over today because in this article I am telling you some exercises for strong shoulders, which are quite effective.

It is also important to know about shoulder


There are about eight muscles in the shoulder, which are connected to the scapula, humerus and clavicle. These muscles shape the outer shape of the shoulder and underarm.

The largest muscle of the shoulder is the deltoid. This large triangular muscle covers the glenohumeral joint and gives a round shape to the shoulder.

But when it comes to tone the shoulder muscles, it is divided into only three parts.

1. Anterior Shoulder

2. Lateral / Outer Shoulder

3. Rear Delt / Back Shoulder

You can do different exercises for these three parts, but it is considered best to tone the three parts together.

Exercise for the shoulder:

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1. Barbell Push Press and Military Press

Barbell Push Press – This is considered a good exercise for the shoulder. In this, you can lift a lot of weight. It works on your entire body along with the shoulder. This gives you a full shoulder tone.

How to do :

To do this exercise, you have to place the barbell on your upper chest according to the posture shown in the photo. Then bend your knees slightly and stand upright while pressing the barbell upwards. It also includes your lower body, core, delts, triceps and upper pecs muscles.

Military Press –

This exercise is almost the same as the barbell push press, all you have to do is to keep your core straight while raising the barbell and hold the rod up and hold for two seconds and then bring it to the chin. You do not have to bend your knees in this.

Keep in mind that the position of your hips is normal, as tilting them forward or backward can put a load on your lumbar spine.


Apply 3 sets of 15,10,8 reps with a weight according to your capacity.

2. Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press

For overhead dumbbell presses you need a bench.

In this exercise, your shoulder creates more tension than the barbell.
When you sit down, your lower body moves into the Relax position and your upper arms fall directly into its contact.
How to do it: To do this, sit on a bench with dumbbells in both your hands and balance your feet properly. Then press the dumbbell upwards with the help of the shoulders as per the photo and then bring it down to the shoulder straight, so that a 90-degree angle is made between your elbow and shoulders.

Apply 3 sets of 12,10,8 reps with a weight according to your capacity.


3. Lateral Raises

It is considered the second-best exercise for the shoulder. There may be some difficulty in doing it in the beginning, but believe me, from the day you learn how to do it properly, you will understand that no one can stop you from making an important shoulder.

It is difficult to find out the way to move your elbow forward.
How to do it: to try to do this you initially use a light-weight weight dumbbell, because if you’re a beginner, then you’ll get to learn the proper thanks to doing it right now.

Apply 3 sets of 15,10,8 reps with weight according to your capacity.

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4. Arnold Press

The exercise was named after Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. In it, lift the weight according to your ability. If there are beginners then increase the load slowly, starting with a coffee weight first.
How to do it: To do this, you have to place the dumbbell in front of the shoulder as shown in the photo and make sure that your palms are inward. Then slowly move the dumbbell up and the palms outward to the position of the overhead press. Then bring it down slowly. You have to require care of the position and movement of your palms.

Apply 3 sets of 12,10,8 reps with a weight according to your capacity.

5. Front Dumbbell Raise

With this exercise, your shoulders get a shape and that they become strong. With this, you have to turn your hands to the front, which creates tension on your anterior deltoids.

It also can be through with barbell or cable handles but is simpler than dumbbells, which not only gives you strength but also helps with balance.

How to do this: consistent with the position shown within the photo, you’ve got to carry the dumbbell forward then you’ve got to boost your one hand up and keep the other straight down. Then do the same with the other hand.
Just remember not to use more weight dumbbells, because if your posture is not right then these exercises will not make any sense.

Apply 3 sets of 15,10,8 reps with weight according to your capacity.
Apart from this, there are a lot of exercises for the shoulder like,

Barbell Upright Row
Machine Rear-Delt Fly
Seated Overhead Barbell Press
Dumbbell Incline Row
Shoulder Push-up
Rear / Face Pull

But if you only do the above 5 exercises, then you can get a heavy shoulders, but it is important that your position is correct and also use the right weight.
Before doing these exercises, do not forget to consult your trainer.

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