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Students will Respond to Roll Call with ‘Jai Hind’, says MP Minister

Soon, in many schools in Madhya Pradesh, students will respond by saying ‘Jai Hind’ instead of roll call or attendance. This new system has been introduced by Madhya Pradesh Forest Minister Vijay Shah. Often discussing his statements, Shah said he would introduce a new system in schools in the districts in which he is in charge.

This is being done to inculcate a spirit of nationalism with the students, said the minister who has given such calls to schools in the past as well. The 15th formal announcement of the new rule will be made from 15 August Gust, he said.

In an exclusive interview with News18, Shah said on Tuesday that he was implementing the new system in schools in Narsinghpur and Satna districts where there is a minister in charge.

Giving the same call in the year 201 in Satna district, to the Minister in charge of school education on 3rd. No. The MP had ordered implementation in schools from the new academic session, but it could not be realized.

He said that propaganda materials would be placed in the schools of these districts to preserve the memories of the martyrs and to teach the lessons of martyrdom to the youth.

Seen as rife in political circles, Shah is not happy with the implementation of previous orders in other departments. In the past Shah had in the past managed departments like school education, tribal affairs and food and civil supplies and issued many important orders.

He also served boards and corporations and felt that his earlier orders were not enforced by letter and spirit.

He has now decided to seek information from various departments on the implementation of his earlier orders. Where it is not implemented, they will write a letter to the concerned minister urging him to implement it, Shah said.

Apparently ministers trying to establish local governance in their districts are planning to implement their old decisions. Nevertheless, his registration will be interesting to see how his own government and opposition reacted to his move.

– Inputs Anurag Srivastava

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