Suicide Try Taken In Custody At Rugnalayatil; Fan

Suicide try taken in custody at Rugnalayatil; fan

world Jail Jail Til Prisoner Jail Infirmary Therapy Ghe Astana Prisoner Wat Chadar Sheets Gheun Suicide Try Kelyachi Incident Mangalwari Incident Now Vazechya Sumaras Ghadli. Ravindra Rake Nikam age 25 arrested in custody asuna cadaryanvar over-efficiency remedy began.Ravindra Rakesh Nikam, the age of 25, has come to the district jail decide, who’s suspicious of Bhadgaon talukyatil resulting from inaction. Utar or thikaani remedy in its unique kind begin asatan immediately prisoner Ravindra Nikam or noble prisoner Vardatil rugnalyatil chadar gafas gheun suicide try banana.

Covenant: Chinta Vadvanari Baatami; Mumbai seven seventh wished full, oh mike sick quantity twenty eighth

Excessive Varieties Caddy Wardabar Douty Poli Karmic Mahajan and Vinay Patil Yanchya Lakshat Aala. Soyali Tadne Tyla Bajula Banana. And ha sarva ke kind rugnalyatitil donna kaval. Tyala rugnalyatil over-efficiency division, remedy companions have come. Within the meantime, there have been a number of suicide makes an attempt by the Rugnalyatil prisoner.

Wacha for Return Feminine Sarpanch Ek Badli Gavache


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