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The Night of the Stars is the promise of a summer time night time like no different.

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The Carina Nebula, Stephan’s Quintet, the SMACS 0723 cluster, the Southern Ring Nebula… On July 12, we came upon on our displays magnificent photographs taken through the James Webb telescope. This software – ​​the most important ever despatched into house – flushed out galaxies shaped there just a hundred million years after the large bang. Would that re-light public hobby within the outer reaches of the universe? Difficult to measure. “Perhaps we can really feel it right through the Night of the Stars for the reason that public could have the potential of watching the sky with the telescopes”, we’re informed on the Euro Space Center in Transinne.

On the instance of this well-known Night of the Stars, this middle, the place guests in most cases come extra for what issues house exploration, organizes a circle of relatives birthday celebration of astronomy. The date of August 11 was once now not selected by accident. “It coincides with the height of the Perseid capturing stars. Depending at the 12 months, we will be able to apply between 70 and 110 capturing stars consistent with hour.“Conferences, presence of astronomy golf equipment, there will probably be one thing for everybody, old and young. Tonight’s tournament can also be found in Frameries at SPARKOH! which runs a protracted program of actions. Something to make us wish to rediscover too, regardless of the time of 12 months, the Planetarium of Brussels and attend beneath its dome a 360° illustration of the starry sky or different thrilling displays like The Wrath of the Sun or the newest, Earth’s Climate on local weather alternate.

The Night of the Stars, 6 and seven/8, Sparkoh!, Frameries.
8/11, Euro Space Center, Transinne.
The Planetarium, Brussels.

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