The Rehearsal: Let’s Talk about “The Fielder Method”

This publish accommodates spoilers for The Rehearsal. 

What is The Rehearsal? Why is Nathan Fielder doing this to himself? What is the top objective, past Fielder having entertained himself with how onerous he can mindfuck other folks into doing his peculiar bidding? These are questions that experience clawed on the significantly acclaimed HBO sequence, pushing the wheel on unending cycles of discourse and provoking conspiracy theories that the entire display is pretend. 

But within the fact camp, there are two opposing stances: Fielder is both a manipulative jerk whose schtick is irredeemable, or he’s a comedic genius whose social experiments expose greater than we will be able to believe in regards to the human situation. In the display’s fourth episode, titled “The Fielder Method,” the display’s devious writer takes a captivating step towards dispelling the previous stance, addressing the ethical conundrum on the middle of his peculiar introduction.

In the episode, which aired Friday evening, Fielder continues the parenting mission with Angela. But then he comes to a decision to head on a facet quest, opening an performing college in Los Angeles the place he can educate actors within the “Fielder Method”—I.e.  instructing them easy methods to do the obsessive performing paintings that his display calls for, with the hopes that he can in fact rent them for The Rehearsal

Fielder asks his actors to stalk a random particular person, dubbed their “number one,” so they are able to learn to develop into them. He even arranges for his actors to paintings at their number one’s task, so they are able to be totally immersed in personality. It’s absurd however unusually fascinating, owing to the truth that actors—a uniquely thick-skinned bunch in comparison to the on a regular basis folks who generally finally end up at the display—are sport for this sort of ridiculata. It’s craft, in some way! 

However, one actor, a person named Thomas, is uncomfortable with it all. In order to know Thomas’s hesitation, Fielder takes a maximum Fielderian way: turning Thomas into his number one, restaging the primary Fielder Method elegance, and hiring an actor to play himself, Nathan. Being in Thomas’s footwear is revealing (or “revealing,” because it’s by no means transparent what’s actual and what’s faux). As Thomas, Fielder “realizes” the idea of the varsity is complicated, and reveals it troubling that the category is being filmed. “Wait, what is that this display?” Fielder-as-Thomas thinks to himself. “Is this a display about an performing elegance? Am I meant to be performing? Something doesn’t make sense. If you’re coaching actors for a display, why would you be filming the learning?” 

He continues, fretting to himself when a manufacturer (additionally a employed actor, in keeping with the display’s credit) rushes the scholars to signal an settlement shape to be at the display. There’s a figuring out high quality to the scene, with Fielder hanging himself within the footwear of the folk he‘s toyed with on each The Rehearsal and his earlier sequence, Nathan For You. (Some individuals of the latter display have overtly mentioned they felt manipulated via Fielder.) Fielder-as-Thomas sooner or later indicators the shape because of peer drive. The scene, extremely staged and all too fleeting, is possibly the nearest Fielder has ever come to acknowledging how disorienting his calls for are for normal other folks getting into his international. 

Of direction, that window of introspection temporarily closes when Fielder comes to a decision he will have to pass one step additional and reside in Thomas’s house. He makes the true Thomas pass reside in a duplicate of his number one’s condo, with two actors employed to play his number one’s roommates. (One of many what-the-fuck moments that remind you this display is a dwelling hallucination.) Thomas is it seems that unaware that Fielder plans to transport into his condo, assuming Fielder needs his keys in order that he can accumulate his mail and water his vegetation whilst he’s long gone. Now, except you’re within the camp that thinks this complete display is staged (it’s imaginable!), it’s onerous no longer really feel badly for Thomas whenever you see Fielder deal with his place of abode adore it’s simply any other set. 

It’s harking back to the plain trickery of the primary episode of The Rehearsal, by which Fielder has team contributors pose as fuel corporate workers and pass into player Kor Skeete’s condo, all so they are able to secretly map out his house and recreate it in a warehouse. Wildly creepy! But…is it actual? 

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