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If you might be acquainted with Korean meals, we’re positive you should take note of “Kimchi.” For the unversed, it is a dish made with fermented greens, together with carrots, napa cabbage and daikon radish. It carries other flavours together with garlic, gochugaru, and spring onions amongst others. This staple dish has slowly won recognition around the globe. Apart from all this, kimchi is very nutritious and wholesome. It’s just right for intestine and middle well being. So, if this description piqued your passion within the meals merchandise, you should come with it for your nutrition. And one of the crucial scrumptious techniques may well be kimchi fried rice. Wondering concerning the recipe? Chef Guntas has shared a delectable model of kimchi fried rice on Instagram. 

For the caption, she discussed, “Kimchi is a celeb aspect! It can actually change into any dish and make it an absolute pride. This Kimchi Fried Rice is all you wish to have so as to add some spice and tang for your uninteresting day!”


1) Cooking oil – 1 tablespoon

2) Garlic (chopped) – 1 tablespoon

3) Onion (diced) – 1

4) Carrot – 1

5) Kimchi (more or less chopped) – ¾ tablespoons

6) Kimchi liquid – 2 tablespoons

7) Cooked rice – 2 cups

8) Gochujang – 1 tablespoon

9) Light soy sauce – 1 tablespoon

10) Sesame oil – 2 tablespoons

11) Rice wine vinegar – 1 tablespoon

How to make Kimchi fried rice?

1) First, take some kimchi and chop it up. Put that apart. Now, take a kadhai, and warmth some cooking oil in it. Put finely chopped garlic, spring onions, and carrots, and mainly upload no matter greens you prefer. Mix neatly.

2) Then, put kimchi (more or less chopped), adopted via gochujang, soy sauce, sesame oil and rice vinegar and the kimchi water. Blend all of it effectively. Add the leftover white rice to it.

3) Put some chopped spring onions into it. Give it a just right combine. Kimchi fried rice is in a position.

4) Chef Guntas additionally discussed that you’ll be able to use some vegetables on best and sesame seeds for garnishing.

Alongside, the chef has additionally discussed some vital guidelines that can assist you whilst getting ready this rice:

1) If you wish to have to make absolute best kimchi fried rice, use leftover rice that has been stored within the fridge in a single day. That is the most productive for this recipe.

2) To upload extra flavours for your recipe, use kimchi juice. It provides a velvety texture to the fried rice.

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Next time, if in case you have leftover rice at house and you might be uninterested in the common rice dishes, do get ready this luxurious Kimchi fried rice. You are going to like it.

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