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Utah State University (USU) Library

Utah State University (USU) Library
Utah State University (USU) Library

Merill Cazier library or most commonly known as the USU library (Utah State University). It is one of the largest Public University Libraries in USA opened in Sep, 2005, which is named after the Milton.R.Merill .He was the former USU President, Stanford Cazier and the former Vice-President of USU.

If we go back to the history books, Merill Cazier Library was established in 1930, built by the Whitmeyer Company of Ogden, Utah and it was re-developed in 1967.

USU was established on March 8th, 1888. It has student representation from all the 29 counties in Utah, all the 50 states and also from the District of Columbia and 3 US Territories. Student’s community comprises of students from 70 countries making it a favorite hub for quality education among the International Community.

The USU library is now engulfed with the Cazier Science and Technology Library, replacing the 74 year old Merill library, serving as an intellectual center with high standards of the famous Utah State University.USU Library comprises of special collection and Archives which contain manuscripts and very rare books and also the Mormon Historical documents.

The archives of USU Library and the Fife Folklore Archives (FFA) is one of the largest repositories of American Folklore in US.

Let’s have a look on the statistics chart to know more about the USU Library
Providing access to almost 2 million Journals and Printed Books.
Over 7,600,000 e-books (which includes 7million into the Hathi Trust Digital library).
14 Million + USU Library visits
Over 41,000 USU Library programs
Program Attendance of 3 million
30 Million+ Physical materials Rendered
60,000+Government Journals
Around 4,80,000 Publications from Government

Now, coming to the different sections of the USU Library.
Art Book Room
FFA (Fife Folklore Archives)
University Archives

Utah State University Arts Book Room

It is a centre of prestigious art and music collections, the beat poetry, tiny magazines and also consists of Prestini collections.

Utah State University (USU) Library Books

History materials which includes the Great Basin History, collection of western history, State Documents of Utah and Idaho and also consists of the rare book collection of USU Library.

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USU FFA (Fife Folklore Archives)

FFA contains student collection of USU Folklore programs. It includes various Folklore books and research based materials on Folklore fieldwork and Research studies including the Austin and Alfa Fife and Malcolm Laws collection.

Manuscript Section

This section is an area where there is a collection of all the unpublished archives materials. For ex- Correspondence Dairies and the main ledger documents which are significant in the history of Utah and the Inter Mountain West
University Archives
It is a very significant section in the USU Library as it is aimed at collecting and protecting the permanent documents of the University. These permanent records consists of published materials of faculty members, different office files and many other important historical material collected from the different research centers and institute as well as from the 47 academic departments comprising of 6 colleges and one B-school.

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Utah State University Preservation

Merill Cazier USU Library is aimed at conserving the different collections and its preservation programs which operates within the Special collection and archives division on a long term basis.

At last, USU Library consists of special collection of rooms which includes Reading room, Art Book Room and Government Information centre. More importance is given to the collection of rare books, health book, primary sources and items of special collection in nature. It is now headed by Bradford Cole as its director.USU Library is primarily aimed as a centre for providing excellent research and study materials for the students of USU and the community of Logan, Utah State University.

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