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Vaccinated White House Official Tests Positive for Covid: Spokeswoman

A White House official who was vaccinated Tuesday tested positive for Covid-19, a spokesman said Tuesday, adding that the man had not contacted President Biden or other high-level staff.

“I want to confirm yesterday that a fully vaccinated White House official tested positive for Covid-19 off campus,” Jane Sasaki, Biden’s press secretary, said in a briefing. .

She said that according to “strict” protocols, the officer stays away from the White House pending further testing, and contact tracing was carried out.

Pasaki said there have been several other progress cases at the White House, but did not confirm how many or when.

“We know there will be a progressive case,” Pasaki told reporters at a White House briefing.

“But as this phenomenon shows, cases are usually milder in vaccinated individuals. The White House is ready for success cases with regular testing. “

He said the Kovid case was “another reminder of the effectiveness of the Kovid-19 vaccine against serious illness or hospitalization.”

After meeting with legislators from the Democratic state of Texas in the U.S. capital, around the city, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Os Fis confirmed that one of her senior spokespersons had tested positive.

The man had no contact with Pelosi, who comes after the vice president in the presidency, after the revelation, Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff Drew Hamill said in a statement.

After making tremendous progress against the epidemic, the vaccination campaign in the United States has stalled in recent weeks.

About 68 percent of adults get at least the first dose, but there are geographical disparities.

Opposition to the vaccine has been linked to the country’s political divisions, with rivalries growing, especially among supporters of former President Donald Trump.

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