Viral Video: Orangutan observed smoking cigarettes like people, puffing…

Viral Video: Orangutan was seen smoking a cigarette like a human, after applying the puff, rubbed it on the ground like this

Video of orangutan smoking a cigarette is going viral

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Orangutan Viral Video: This surprising video is from Saigon Zoo positioned in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In the video you’ll be able to see how an orangutan is having a laugh smoking cigarettes like people.

If you cross to any zoo or nationwide park, then you’ll see many such realize forums on which it’ll be written that don’t give any meals or drink to the animals. But some vacationers forget about this stuff to have a laugh with animals. The result’s that once in a while vacationers get into hassle, once in a while they develop into an issue for the animals. At provide, an overly surprising video from a zoo has surfaced on social media, and then the netizens are very livid. Actually, within the viral clip, an orangutan may also be observed smoking a cigarette.

This surprising video is from Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden positioned in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In the video going viral, you’ll be able to see that an orangutan is observed with nice excitement smoking a cigarette, which was once more than likely thrown there through a vacationer. The orangutan may also be observed keeping a cigarette between its palms like a human. Not handiest this, after taking a pant of cigarette, he additionally extinguishes it through rubbing it at the floor.

Here’s a video of an orangutan smoking a cigarette

According to zoo officers, the orangutan got here to Vietnam from Borneo. A zoo spokesperson has additionally clarified that the cigarette was once thrown into the orangutan’s enclosure through a vacationer and no longer the zoo team of workers.

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People were given indignant after staring at the video

After the video surfaced on YouTube, the anger of the netizens has erupted and there was a flood of reactions from the folk. One consumer has written whilst commenting, it is extremely unhappy when such roughly conduct is observed with such clever animals. This video isn’t humorous in any respect. On this, the spokesperson of the zoo says that folks steadily throw issues in animal enclosures. The orangutan learns using this stuff through staring at them after which begins making use of it on itself.

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