Wadhwanari Batami; Mumbai Seven Seven

Wadhwanari Batami; Mumbai Seven Seven

Mumbai: State Omchatch (Omicron) rugnanchi no. wadh challi ahe. Manwari state aakhi eight sick folks. The state has come to Pohochli on a sickle quantity 28. (Omicron in Maharashtra)The Nationwide Institute of Microbiology has known as for the State of Delhi. Tyatil 17 sick Mumbaitil and sick vasi-vira yethil ahe. Illnessed, 3 sick, virhet as 5 sick oh gentle kind harm. Or 8 sick folks come filled with gluten. Properly, not a single penny of Lasicha Doss is ghetal.

OMCG disrupted 8 sufferers, 2 hospitals, asoons, 6 folks affected by isolation. 8 Rugnampadi 3 Feminine Asoon 5 Male harm. No worldwide journey historical past based on major data or package deal. Or packy one banjoor telegram one Delhi departure banana come. Tara, Mumbaitil a particular Rajasthan madheel come. Ya rugnanchya close by yancha search ghenyat but ahe.

Wacha for Return Feminine Sarpanch Ek Badli Gavache

Daryan, until immediately the state akun 28 ohmic vahanu car sick half ahat. Tyat Mumbai – 12, Pimpri Chinchwad – 10, Pune Municipal Company – 2 Kalyan Dombivli – Nagpur-1, Latur-1 and Vasei Virachya a rugnachan ahe. Yaal 9 rognana tyanchi rtp c chachani damaging aalyanantar rognalayat gharanyat aaye aaye.

Covenant: Chhotu Bhorain who offers one vote?; talks

At present, the state has come to the prognosis of 684 ailments. Stage 686 Rugnana has come to the home of Rugnalayatun immediately. Tar, Gelya 24 Tasant 24. Mortality fee 2. 12 tek itka aahe. Atil morbid naked honyache pramanak (restoration fee) 99.72% of the state has come.


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