Banana is also beneficial in weight loss, How to use this way ?

When it comes to weight loss, there are 2 things in it.

Importers are Diet and Workout. Balanced diet rich in fiber and important nutrients helps in weight loss as well as maintaining the right weight and hence one should include banana in their healthy diet. A banana rich in potassium, carbohydrates and vitamin C gives you instant energy, so most people like to eat bananas at breakfast.

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Bananas have fewer calories

There is no doubt that banana is rich in carbohydrates and hence many people consider it to be weight gain fruit. But the truth is that bananas are rich in good carbs and fiber but the amount of calories is low due to which the stomach feels full after eating banana for a long time (Feeling Full). This helps in weight loss and also helps in maintaining weight.

Banana is rich in fiber

According to research, high fiber is an important link for intake and low body weight. The reason for this is that fiber helps in stabilizing the blood sugar level. Also, having a diet rich in fiber makes one feel full, due to which a person eats less and consumes less calories. In addition, eating bananas also speeds up the process of metabolism, which also helps in burning fat.


Eat banana like this for weight loss

– Do not consume more than 1 banana daily.

– The best time to eat banana is before workout or after workout. This increases the stamina and allows you to do better workouts.

Banana contains potassium which removes the problem of flatulence and water retention in the body. Banana also helps in removing weight due to water retention.

If you drink tea and low instantly after consuming, then change the behavior in the present day, or else

But many people have such a habit of drinking tea that they just keep searching for excuses to sip tea. Many people have a habit of drinking tea or coffee in the morning with empty stomach tea, breakfast tea, evening tea, and even after lunch and dinner (Tea after Meal). If you are also among those people who have a habit of drinking tea after eating, then be careful.

Drinking tea after eating is harmful

Drinking tea immediately after a meal can prove to be harmful for your health in many ways. According to research, the caffeine found in tea or coffee hinders the absorption of nutrients in the food, so tea and coffee should not be drunk immediately after meals. Apart from this, there are many reasons that suggest that drinking any drink containing caffeine after meals is harmful-

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1. Effect on digestive system- Tea leaf has acidic properties and when it is mixed with food proteins (Protein) makes the protein hard, which makes the protein difficult to digest. Therefore, do not drink tea after meals.

2. Reduce nutritional absorption- Drinking tea immediately after eating affects your digestive power, due to which the quality of nutritious elements present in the food also decreases and the body is not able to absorb it properly.

3. Increased blood pressure- Tea contains caffeine and if the tea is consumed after a heavy meal, it increases the blood pressure of the body.


Eat green tea or herbal tea

Milk tea should not be drunk immediately after meals, but you may want to consume green tea or herbal tea after some time because such tea contains antioxidants and polyphenols. It stops the formation of gas in the stomach and also keeps the digestive system correct.


Drink tea 1 hour after meal

If you have to drink tea and coffee after meals, then drink after 1 hour. This is because within 1 hour of the meal, the body absorbs the iron present in the food to a great extent. If you drink tea with food or immediately after eating, iron is not absorbed and there is a deficiency of iron in the body.

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