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What is a Goat?

The domesticated goat is a member of the animal family Bovidae. Its wild relatives are found in Asia and Eastern Europe. A domesticated goat has a distinctive appearance and is closely related to sheep. Its meat is mainly white or pink, and its size is usually around two and a half kilograms. The typical size is about five and a half pounds. It can grow up to three feet tall and is a great companion to a dog.


The term GOAT has become a part of the internet culture. It has taken on a cult-like status and is often used in news websites and online forums where people talk about sports. The popularity of this word has led to a proliferation of GOAT-related terms. Many sites use the acronym to describe a particular sport, such as baseball or football. In addition, it is used by many sellers and is available in various languages.


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Another common use of the term GOAT is to describe a person who has achieved great success in sports. The term is a popular compliment used by athletes. It is also often used in Indonesia. Aside from being curried, goat meat is sometimes grilled and skewered. The emoji “goat” can be found in the menu of a variety of restaurants. These dishes are often served as burgers or sandwiches.