Do you want to know the meaning of blogging? what is blog? 7 benefits of blog

What is Blogging Meaning?

Do you want to know the meaning of blogging? If you want information about Blogging kya hota hai, then you are reading very right post. In this post, we will tell you about Blogging Meaning in very clear and clear words. Right now you must be wondering what is this blogging. Why the word Blogging is so popular in today’s time.


What are its benefits?

If anyone wants to become a blogger then how can he become a successful blogger. Along with this, we will also tell you how you can do online earning with this. I can give you accurate and accurate information about blogging because I am a blogger myself and I earn more than 50 thousand months by doing very little work on it. Let us know what is the meaning of Blogging.

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Blogging kya hota hai

Any web page or website is regularly updated by putting written content on it or regular posts or articles are written on it, then it is called a blog. This action of writing a blog is called blogging and people who write a blog or post or article (article) for a blog are called bloggers.

Blog –

A regularly updated website or any web page. As if you are reading this my website, then this is called a blog or website. On this, I keep writing posts according to my regular time.


When a person writes on a blog, his action is called blogging. For example, if I write a post for my blog or website, this action is called blogging.


Any person who writes articles or posts or information for any blog or website, then that person is called a blogger. Like I write for my website, I am a blogger.

In simple words, any kind of information, information, ideas are posted on a digital medium such as a webpage or website, it is called Blogging. The way you write some information in your diary, in the same way you post information or information on a web page or website. Earlier people used to do blogging as a hobby, but today it has become an excellent means of employment.

Blogging Benefits

See, earlier people used to do blogging as an amateur to be famous, but in today’s time people do not do blogging for hobby and publicity. Their purpose of blogging is to earn money from it. You would not believe how much people would earn from blogging in today’s time. People earn lakhs of rupees in this month. I am speaking on my own. I have only started blogging for 1 year and 6 months. In such a day, I earn more than 50 thousand per month. While I do it part time only.

Blogging today is a great way to earn money. If you do a job, then you can earn a good amount by working on the blog every day or any day of the week by taking a little time out. Even if you are a student, you can do a lot of earning by blogging along with studies. Anyone can do blogging. You can earn so much money from this blogging, as you will not get salary in a big job. If you work hard

Blogging also has the advantage that you become dependent on yourself. You can work at any time as per your wish and also by staying aloof. Whether you are at home or out of the house. You can do blogging from mobile. You are your own boss. You do not need to listen to anyone.

How to do blogging? (Blogging Kaise kare )


When it comes to starting blogging, the same question comes in everyone’s mind that how to start it. Many people find this work very difficult. Yes it is not that blogging is very easy. If it was so easy to earn money, then everyone would have earned millions sitting at home. Let us also tell you that it is not so difficult that you cannot do it. When we start some work, there is difficulty in the beginning time. But gradually we find a solution to those difficulties. So that the same hard work becomes very easy.

If you are unemployed, then you should get as much information about blogging today and you can start it and make a good earning. You have to work hard to get something. If blogging does not come, then you will learn, if you do not learn, then how long will they live the life. If you want to earn more money in life, then there is no better platform than blogging. YouTube is another good way of earning after blogging. But you soon start making money with blogging.

YouTube takes a little longer

To start blogging, you must first choose a topic. Decide which topic you can write well on. If you do not know how to write then practice writing. Will learn in a couple of months.

Which topic can you start blogging on?

Best Topic for blogging
You can create an educational blog.
You can create a blog related to health.
You can create a blog related to the news.
You can create a blog related to how to earn online.
You can create a blog related to fashion.
You can create a blog related to biography.
You can create a blog related to current affairs.
You can create a blog related to gadget review.
If you are fond of traveling, then you can make a tourism blog

This way you can start blogging on any topic.

How to earn Money from Blogging?

There are many ways to make money from blogging, but of which AdSense and Affiliate marketing and sponsorship are the main ones. Of these, the most popular is Adsense and the second is Affiliate Marketing. When you have created a blog, then when there are 20 to 30 posts on your blog, then you can earn money by adding your blog with Adsense. Also, if you connect it with Amazon Affiliate or Flipkart Affiliate or other Affiliate platform, you start earning double. This way you can make money from blogging.

How to make a blog?

A blog or website is the same thing. You can use two platforms to make it. One is Blogger and the other is WordPress. First you have to buy a domain name. After this you can create a blog on Blogger or on WordPress if you want.

Which is good for both Blogger and WordPress?

By the way, you can also make a blog on Blogger. If you want to blogging professionally, then you should go to WordPress. Blogger is free, while to create a blog on WordPress you will need to purchase Hosting.

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Let me tell you my own blogging experience.

I started blogging from 2018. For this I created a blog on blogger. On which we did not get any special benefit. Because it is free, you do not get any special feature on it. So after that I made a blog on WordPress in 2020. Which made my blog a success. I earn 50 thousand easily from this blog. I have other blogs which are successful blogs.

So my advice to you is that you do not study for free. Who gives what to anyone for free. So you create a blog or website on WordPress. Hosting is required to create a blog on WordPress. Which is not very expensive either. You can easily buy 1500 to 3000 thousand a year hosting.

Although there are very good companies for hosting from where you can buy hosting, but they are quite expensive. Which it can be difficult for a new blogger to invest so much money. You can purchase hosting from Hostinger. Which is very good and perfect for a new blogger. I also use the hosting of the hosting. That’s why I recommend you to take this hosting.

Buy a best domain last16 word

Along with this, you will also get a domain name for free. If you take a domain name from Goddady or elsewhere, then you will get only the domain name from 800 to 1000. So if you take hosting from the hosting, then you will get the domain name for free. Let me tell you that hosting of hostinger is considered very reliable. If you buy such a cheap hosting then you may have problems. There are many hosting companies that offer very cheap hosting, so you do not get too cheap.

You can see the hosting plan below. If you take a plan with single web hosting, then you can create only one website on it. If you take it for 48 months then you will have 59 months. If you take it for a year, it can be expensive. Let me tell you that with this you do not get domain name.

choose domain without digit

If you buy a plan with premium web hosting, then you get free domain name with it and you can create 100 websites on it. Therefore, you should buy this plan. So that you can host any website you want. This is good for you because if you have come in the field of blogging then you will not create a blog.

After that when you buy domain and hosting then you have to install WordPress. After this your site is ready. This way you can start your blogging journey. You can start a professional journaling blog from 2000 to 3 thousand.

Blogging Career

Blogging can be a means of employment for people who are unemployed. Despite being educated, they are wandering for jobs. You can start blogging even if you are a student or work or unemployed, or a domestic woman.

Friends, I will tell you about my own blogging journey, which may be a little motivational for you. I have done Master in Digital Marketing from symbiosis. But I did not feel any job. I quit blogging and started blogging. After 6 months, I started earning a little income. After completion of almost a year, earning started above 20 thousand. Currently earning more than 50 thousand from the same blog. But during this I had to work very hard. Along with this, sometimes it felt that blogging should be abandoned. Despite my hard work, I am earning very well.

People prepare for 4 to 5 years to get a small government job, despite this there is no guarantee of getting a job. If you do so much hard work in blogging, you can earn several lakh rupees a month from it, which is not possible in any job.

Conclusions- If you have interest in blogging and you feel that you can do this work then only you should come in this field. Just seeing more money in this field only hard  & determination work person. Thanks if you like my article or any suggestion please comment drop and like or share it.


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