When will Gustavo Petro take office?

(RNH Spanish) — The elected president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, is the primary leftist chief to manipulate the rustic in its historical past. Petro takes workplace on August 7, in line with the rustic’s political custom, to go into the House of Nariño and cling the location of president till 2026. That identical day, President Iván Duque ends his time period.

Why does the inauguration happen on that date?

On August 7, the Battle of Boyacá is honored, one of the most primary foundational moments of Colombia because the independence marketing campaign concluded in 1819. The so-called Liberation Army, which Francisco de Paula Santander arranged in earlier years by way of order of Simón Bolívar, accomplished the army victory that day and later Gran Colombia used to be constituted —which incorporated the territories that at the moment are Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama— till 1830.

What occurs within the inauguration of the president?

The inauguration is a ceremonial act with a number of necessary moments. It starts with the nationwide anthem, however its central part is the oath of the brand new president. The elected president will have to take workplace prior to the Congress of the Republic and recite: “I swear to God and promise the folk to faithfully conform to the Constitution and the rules of Colombia,” as established by way of the Constitution. The political letter additionally warns that if for any explanation why the president can’t be sworn in prior to Congress, he “will accomplish that prior to the Supreme Court of Justice or, failing this, prior to two witnesses.”

After the oath, the presidential sash is imposed and the vice chairman, on this case Vice President Francia Márquez, is sworn in.

The tournament, which is historically held within the Plaza de Bolívar in Bogotá, additionally features a speech by way of the president of Congress and the president-elect, that are normally lengthy because of the time they mark. In addition, leaders and presidents of alternative international locations attend, whose invites and confirmations of attendance start to be recognized within the following weeks.

Also on that day, the outgoing president leaves the Casa de Nariño, place of dwelling and seat of presidency, handy it over to the brand new president who will govern from there.

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