Andorid mobile heating Problem solved click now

By the way, due to the heating of the phone, there can be a lot of LAN, in today’s article, you will tell how the phone is hot and will also tell you what to do when the phone is hot.

mobile heating problem

Android Mobile Heating Real solution

There are many people who use their phones very much and even after using them, their phone starts getting hot and they get upset and they start thinking about how to cool the hot phone.

If you have this problem with you too, then you have come to my mind, why do you get the phone hot and what to do when the phone is hot, I am going to tell you in full detail in the article what is the reason for the phone getting hot and the phone first Like how to cool, stay in this article till the end.

Most Android phone users face the problem of heating the phone in the heat of the heat and cooling the phone becomes a challenge for them.

If our phone is hot, we have to snap a photo or talk to someone on the phone, then we find our phone hot, in such a situation we do not enjoy talking on the phone.

So, let me tell you in detail about the reason for all the phones getting hot, so that you know why the phone is hot and that you can understand what to do when the phone is hot and the phone How to cool down.

Andorid mobile heating Problem solved click now

1. Keep your phone away from hot places:

We mostly use our phones during the day. When the heat is ready, then our phone is very hot, so we have to save our phone from hot places so that our phone can stay cool and we can use it well.

We should at least use our phone in direct sunlight. If we have gone to a place where the sunlight falls on our phone, then we should not use the phone more in such places, because this makes our phone very hot.

When you use the phone at home, you should not keep it on your window after using it, and if you go to visit somewhere, always keep your phone in your pocket or bag when we do not need the phone.

If you sleep at night with the light of your room like me, then you should not keep your phone open, always keep your phone inside a blanket or sleep on it with a handkerchief.

In the same way, you should not leave your phone in a car or open hope and especially if you do not leave such a place at all, where your phone will be able to shine a light on your phone.

By doing this, you can save your phone from overheating.


2. Do not use the cover:

If you always keep the cover on your phone, then you can keep the cover on your phone in the winter/summer season because the climate is cold in the winter / rainy season, but you do not use the cover on the phone in the heat When it is hot all around.

Our phone cover acts as a shield, when our phone is hot, a lot of space is needed to get out the heat that is not available by using the cover and our phone keeps heating up.

The base cover provides great protection to our phone so that our phone does not get dusty and prevents our phone from tumbling but when you are resting at home or you have gone for a walk in the garden your phone will fall There will not be much problem.

At such a time, if you use your phone without a cover, it is beneficial for you and your phone.


3. Change the settings of your phone:

If you want to keep your phone cool, you will have to make some changes in your mobile settings so that you will get an item to keep your phone cool.

First of all, keep your mobile’s brightness as low as you can and if your phone has an option of Otto BrightNesh, then keep the option of Otto BrightNesh on. Which will change your brightness according to the environment around you.

After that, when you do not use the internet on your mobile, then keep the mobile data of your phone off and if you do not have to talk to anyone or you are not going to call, then put your phone on Airplane mode.

Aeroplane Mode Link

We get game mode in many mobiles, if you have a game mode on your phone, then play the game mode while playing the game. Mostly our phone is warmer when playing games. So always keep the game mode of your phone on while playing the game.


4. Do not use your phone more than the limit:

Whether the environment outside is hot or not, your phone gets hot in some circumstances like playing games, editing videos and photos, and charging the phone.

If the environment around you is hot, your phone will heat up very quickly and in such a time, then you should take care of the above-mentioned things and maybe play fewer games or add fewer videos/photos.

5. Do not keep your phone in your pocket for long:

If you keep your mobile in your pocket for a long time, it will become very hot because your pocket is very hot compared to the rest of the place because no air comes from it, and keeping the phone in the pocket will help to keep the heat of the phone out. There is a problem.

Do not put your phone in any tight pocket at all if you want to keep your phone cool. If you wear clothes in which the pocket is very small and tight, then you do not keep your phone in such a pocket, it is only right for your phone.


6. Do not forcibly try to cool your phone:

You will find many ways to cool your phone, but you should use only safe methods, this will also cool your phone and your phone will be safe.

First of all, never hold your phone above the water, by mistake, your phone may fall into the water with your hand and your phone may even break.

You should never keep the phone in a freeze/freezer to cool it quickly. Keeping the phone in the freeze/freezer will cool your phone, but do not let your phone cool you forever in the process of cooling the phone and it will be tied. So never make such a mistake.


7. Use the phone Kular:

The phone is made to cool the Kular specific phone and the phone works on the Kular heat sink technology so that your phone will remain cool & will also avoid getting hot.

If you do not have any phone for your phone, you can buy a cheap and good phone from Amazon. If you are also troubled by the phone heating up again and again, then you should buy a phone Kular because you buy such an expensive phone and if you cannot use it well then what use is it.


8. Place the phone in the fan air:

If you feel that the phone Kular is not right for your phone, then you can keep your phone in the fan air, it will cool your phone.

In the fan air, your phone will cool down slowly but this will not cause any problem in your phone, this is an excellent option to cool the phone.

If you keep all the above methods in mind, then you can keep your phone cool and you will get to use the phone properly. With which you will also enjoy using your phone.


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